Have you ever dreamed of grabbing a beer with your favorite film character? We have, which got us wondering exactly what type of beer Captain Jack Sparrow or Peter Parker might order. After sampling craft brews of all varietals, we developed a highly (un)scientific chart of malt beverages and the characters who love them.

The result is the infographic below. You’ll see that we took six different styles of beer and matched them to the personalities and lifestyles of the fictional and famous. As a company of beer aficionados and film enthusiasts, we feel pretty confident in these pairings—especially after our thorough taste-testing.

Wondering what type of beer a different character might drink? Ask us on Twitter by mentioning @VideoBlocks or @GraphicStock_, and we will run it through our ale-gorithm to produce an answer, and don’t forget to take a look at some of our beer stock footage.
beer infographic v4-min

If it is after 5:00 PM where you are, take a digital happy hour and drink up this beer footage.


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