We’ve been editing a good amount of GoPro footage lately here at VideoBlocks headquarters. The tiny sleek cameras are a great way to capture point of view shots and fun new angles. However, there is one part of shooting with GoPro that is unavoidable…the stupid GoPro face.

(If you’re a fan of GoPro footage, we have a free point of view skiing clip that you’ll love! Click here to download this stock footage clip for free!)

Yes, that’s right…the stupid GoPro face. It’s that first 3-5 seconds of your video where you’re looking straight into the lens to see if it is working. Now, 99% of the time this footage is later edited out and never seen again, but in some rare occasions, this footage can get into the wrong hands. And when it does, it can become a German-serenaded internet sensation. Ladies and genlemen, I give you “Stupid GoPro Faces“…

And just to join in on the fun, here’s a stupid GoPro face that we found featuring our CEO and GoPro enthusiast, Joel. Let’s hope I still have a job after posting this…

 VideoBlocks Stupid GoPro Face

If all of this GoPro craziness has you in the mood for some awesome point of view skiing footage, you’re in luck! Here’s a free point of view skiing stock footage clip from VideoBlocks!

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