10 Things Video Enthusiasts Wish They Had Gotten for Christmas

The big Christmas celebration is over, and now you’re left with a box full of socks and a couple itchy sweaters. Well, there’s always next year. We put together a list of the the top 10 things every video enthusiast wishes they had gotten for Christmas. Hey--if you have some gift cards, maybe they can still be yours! (You don’t have to waste your Christmas wishes on free stock footage because we are willing to give that out all year! Click here to download your free stock footage clip.) 10. Crypteks USB Drive  If you’re working on a top … Read more about 10 Things Video Enthusiasts Wish They Had Gotten for Christmas

5 Tips for Capturing Holiday Memories on Video

Everyone likes to break out the video camera on Christmas morning, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right! There are some simple tricks you can do to make your holiday home movies stand above the rest. Just follow these five tips for capturing the perfect holiday video! 1. Don’t worry about the atmosphere. It’s time to be honest: no one cares about how beautifully your mantel is decorated or how gorgeous the logs burning in the fireplace are. Home movies are for capturing memories of people, so make sure you focus on that. … Read more about 5 Tips for Capturing Holiday Memories on Video

Free After Effects Templates

After Effects templates are such a great way to spice up practically any project. They can be used as movie trailers, slide shows, intros, special effects and more. The only problem is that these easy to use templates typically cost hundreds of dollars and are out of reach for the average user. Not anymore! A new website just launched called Free AE Templates, and it will finally put these much needed resources in everyone’s hands! All About Free AE Templates The name really says it all with this website. When you head over to … Read more about Free After Effects Templates

Inspiring Video Editing: Street Segment from All.I.Can

About a week ago I came across this tweet from @markspen:   Now, whenever someone makes a comment that bold about a video editing piece, I obviously have to go check it out for myself. Well, Mr. Spen, I think you were right. This is an incredible piece of video that beautifully connects creativity with technical skills. You must be curious by now, so here it is:   JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo. This video was made by Sherpas Cinema, a group based in British Columbia, Canada. They’ve won multiple awards … Read more about Inspiring Video Editing: Street Segment from All.I.Can

Exclusive Free Stock Footage from VideoBlocks

Do the holidays have you stressing out and feeling not-so-jolly? VideoBlocks wants to spread some holiday cheer! As a gift to our devoted followers, we’ve decided to give away free stock footage clips every day between now and Christmas! It’s a holiday season miracle! Alright...it may not be a miracle, but we are excited about being able to do something nice for all of you who have been so nice to us throughout the year! Here’s how it is going to work: Every day between now and December 23rd, we’re going to give away a new free stock footage … Read more about Exclusive Free Stock Footage from VideoBlocks

Feats in Video Editing: Cello Wars

We like to feature impressive videos whenever we come across them, and this recent find certainly wowed us with its awesomeness.  It comes from a pair of musicians known as The Piano Guys. They have a YouTube channel where they release weekly music videos, and they cover some pretty popular artists including Adelle and Usher. All of their videos are very high quality, but this latest one blew us away with its complexity and creativity. (Did you know that VideoBlocks just added 10,000 new production music tracks to its library? If you want to … Read more about Feats in Video Editing: Cello Wars

5 Lessons on Creativity from John Lasseter

There’s a feeling that we get from watching Pixar movies that is hard to describe. They are silly and fun, yet they tug at whatever it is that makes us all human. Whether you love the Cars brand, or think nothing will ever live up to the original Toy Story, it is hard to dispute the fact that Pixar has created some of the most timeless and influential stories of recent years. Pixar Chief Creative Officer and overall creative genius, John Lasseter, recently gave an hour long interview to Charlie Rose, spilling many of his creative secrets for … Read more about 5 Lessons on Creativity from John Lasseter

5 Tips for Making YouTube Videos Go Viral

Are you looking to become the next YouTube superstar? As you’ve probably already figured out, getting a video to go viral is no easy task, and it rarely happens naturally. We’ve put together 5 tips that will help you get the most out of your YouTube videos. (Need some sweet graphics to spice up your YouTube sensation? Download a free lower third graphic by clicking here.) 1. Develop Excellent Content The video you want to go viral cannot just be good. It can’t even be just great. You need content that is extraordinary in some way. Videos … Read more about 5 Tips for Making YouTube Videos Go Viral