How frustrating is it to see that render bar take days to finish processing your project? Or how about the anger that builds the minute you see Apple’s “pinwheel of death”? Remember that one time Avid deemed all of your latest imports as “Media Offline”? Yup, modern day video editing can be pretty darn infuriating. We think that’s why a few of our Video Blocks friends have reverted back to more simple times. Times when a simple pair of scissors and rolls of tape could get the job done for you. Here are a few of our old fashioned video editing pictures that were submitted during our Coolest Video Editing Setup contest. Enjoy!

4. My Cutstation — Rene Lang

It’s always good to have those scissors handy in case you need to take matters into your own hands!

 My Cutstation

3. Rough Cut — Stevie T

When asked what equiptment he works with, Stevie replies, “white gloves and brass scissors.” Now that is hard core.

 Rough Cut

2. High Tech Linear Editing — Ian Dillon

Ian is working real hard to get this cut just right! Though, he says he usually works with Final Cut Pro and After Effects for his professional projects.

 High Tech Linear Editing

1. With a Little Help from My Robot Friend — Caleb Olsen

If we all had a little robot friend, maybe linear editing wouldn’t have gone out of style.

 Caleb Olson resized 600

Looking for some free stock footage for your next project? Download this free stock footage clip and get to work! Or, if you’re one of our linear editing friends, download this clip, transfer it to a tape and start cutting away! The choices are yours and yours alone.