We like to feature impressive videos whenever we come across them, and this recent find certainly wowed us with its awesomeness.  It comes from a pair of musicians known as The Piano Guys. They have a YouTube channel where they release weekly music videos, and they cover some pretty popular artists including Adelle and Usher. All of their videos are very high quality, but this latest one blew us away with its complexity and creativity.

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About Cello Wars

Cello Wars is a parody on John Williams’ famous compositions from the Star Wars trilogy. According to their YouTube page, it took 70 days, 7,000 frames, 72 audio tracks, 24 hours of shooting and 1,000 hours of editing and rendering to put together this video. That is commitment!

The reason it was so intensive was because of the light saber bow effect that they achieved. Since the movements had to be precise to make it look realistic, the effect had to be edited frame-by-frame. The editor for this project was Tel Stewart, and we think he did a great job!

So enough talking about the video. Check it out for yourself and enjoy!

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