Many of us have a very specific idea of what the holidays look like. This year, we asked our contributors to show us how they experience the magic of the season by submitting their stock footage to our Celebrate the World Holiday Challenge.

We received entries from across the globe, reminding us how diverse and exciting our community of contributors is. While each entry offered us a glimpse into what the holidays truly mean to our filmmaking community, one entry in particular captured the light and magic that warms our hearts during this special time of year. Without further ado, we are tickled to introduce the winner of our Celebrate the World Holiday Challenge: Chan Punya.



To find out a little more about what motivates Chan’s filmmaking, we interviewed Chan about the story behind this incredible shot.

VideoBlocks: What inspired you to shoot this footage?

Chan: We have so many old and beautiful traditions in Thailand. I believe these traditions are a part of our inheritance, and I want share them with the world. This shot shows “Yee Peng Lanna International,” also known as the “Loi Krathong Festival” in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is nothing else like it in the world.

VideoBlocks: How did you capture this shot at the perfect moment?

Chan: This clip is all about capturing the beauty of the moment. There were no modifications, no embellishments, and no special effects. Anyone can take this shot, but it is genuinely beautiful.

VideoBlocks: What do you enjoy most about stock filmmaking?

Chan: Traveling the world for my projects brings so much joy into my life.

VideoBlocks: Do you have any other favorite shots you would like to share?

Chan: There’s this one shot I captured during a New Year’s Celebration in Chiang Mai. The event is incredibly beautiful and made a deep impression on me. It’s really special because every year, everyone in town comes out to enjoy it together.


VideoBlocks: Why do you choose to contribute to VideoBlocks?

Chan: I love VideoBlocks because it’s a great place for me to share my art with the world while earning extra income.

You can download Chan’s footage from our contributor marketplace. The independent filmmakers that contribute to our marketplace receive 100% of all proceeds from sales. Every purchase helps support their creative endeavors.


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