Here at VideoBlocks, we believe that “When the community wins, we win.” This means that we live and breathe for our creative community of filmmakers, artists, and contributors—we are a stock footage company founded by creatives for creatives, and we’re always looking for new ways to celebrate the talent, innovation, and artistry of our contributors. That’s why this year we’re introducing the first ever Marketplace Awards.

Our video Marketplace is the fastest-growing on the internet, with filmmakers uploading and selling their footage from every corner of the globe. We’re also the first and only marketplace to give 100% of every video sale directly back to our artist—meaning that when you buy a clip from our Contributor Marketplace, the filmmaker who created that shot gets every cent—a definite win-win as we celebrate our creative community.

So without further adieu, here are this year’s Marketplace Awards categories and winners.


Most Creative Shot: Elephants Walking Over Camera

Voted the Most Creative shot by our creative community of members and contributors, this unusual “grounds-eye view” of a passing elephant herd reminds us of how many fresh and different ways we can shoot footage with new and innovative video technologies.
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Best Aerial Footage: Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge, Saint Petersburg

Visually mesmerizing, the pacing and symmetrical composition of this aerial shot seems deceptively effortless—but as any drone filmmaker will tell you, a shot like this is one in a million.
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Best Nature Footage: Awi Peak at Everest Base Camp, Nepal

“Not all who wander are lost”—and that is certainly true of this award-winning nature future, which takes us to the remote and visually arresting splendor of the Everest Base Camp.
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Best Urban Footage: Downtown Hyperlapse, Los Angeles

Hyperlapses are a fun and inventive filmmaking mode for capturing the passage of time. Jauntier and more energetic than a static frame time lapse, this hyperlapse of downtown Los Angeles captures the smooth transition from the city’s daytime to its buzzing nightlife.
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Best Animated Footage: 360° VR Space

360° VR isn’t just big in the filmmaking world because it’s new and different—immersive video opens up whole new horizons for filmmakers to transport audiences and tell stories. This 360° space animation captures that magic, giving viewers just a glimpse of new frontiers we have yet to explore.
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Best Use of Color: Freeze Frame of Holi Paint

With an innovative use of percussive dance moves, beautifully layered paint powder, and a rotating freeze frame, this colorful shot caught our eyes and stood out from the competition.
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Most Newsworthy Footage: Syrian Bombing Aftermath

Film is powerful not just for its artistry but also for its message and the story it can tell. This panning dolly shot of a war-torn Syrian city exemplifies all of these traits—it’s visually arresting for both the tragedy of the subject and the beauty of the shot’s execution. This video reminds us of the important impact film can have in connecting us to both the good and bad in the world.
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Best Emerging Artist: Sky Rock Media

Nao Tharp of Sky Rock Media is a new contributor to VideoBlocks but has been churning out stunning time lapses for years. Born and raised in Tokyo and currently based in Los Angeles, Nao is a passionate timelapser whose speciality is multi-axis motion-controlled time lapse cinematography of nightscapes, landscapes, and cityscapes. His use of motion, sharp colors and contrast make his work stand out. Discover the rest of his portfolio in our Marketplace.
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