Tomorrow marks the start of the 2012 CES trade show, or Consumer Electronics Show. Year after year this event in Las Vegas is home to the birth of gadgets, software updates and innovation announcements. Here are some highlights of what the experts think you can expect this year:

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Rumor has it that this will be the year of the television at CES. Most are expecting LG’s 55 inch OLED screen to be the highlight of the show. The television is 4 mm thick and offers and edge-to-edge screen. Plus, it is supposed to have a vibrancy that outshines both LCD and LED TVs. Oh, and its ability to cope with motion blur is also unreal. Are you ready to make your down payment yet? We are.



HP is expected to release its latest Ultrabook, which is designed to rival Apple’s Macbook Air. It’s about time, right? There are expected to be quite a few ultra thin, ultra light, ultra powerful PCs released at the trade show this year.

 HP Ultrabook


People really love tablets, so CES will continue to feed the frenzy. Hard to say if there will be a certain one that stands out enough to rival the iPad, but you never know. It’s expected that Microsoft will announce a few tablets that will be running on the upcoming Windows 8 platform.


If you were hoping for some big Mac news to spring up during CES, you’re out of luck. They never show up to the event. Apple is more of a “we’ll announce our own awesome products on our own awesome time” type of company. However, some people are speculating that they may try to make an announcement from their own headquarters this week to steal attention from the trade show. It probably won’t be an anticipated hardware release, like the iPad 3, but even if its just software they’ll still make us all drool.

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