Here at VideoBlocks, one of our greatest achievements has been hiring an amazing team of employees to keep this company moving forward. We call them Block Heads or Blockies, and we think it’s about time to start putting our employees in the spotlight! On each employee’s birthday we’ll give you a look at his/her deep dark secrets so you, too, can also see just how awesome our Blocks Heads are.

Without further adieu, today’s birthday girl…


Samantha Mackey


What’s your name and job title?
Samantha Mackey, Director of Marketing and Sales

Given that your job title probably means nothing, describe what you do on a day to day basis.
Help out with our email marketing programs and identify large schools/corporations/institutions that need stock media.  Oh, and drink coffee.  Lots of coffee.

What’s your favorite thing about working for Video Blocks?
Working with people who take pride in everything they do, whether it’s providing exceptional customer service or making sure the dishwasher is emptied each night in our community kitchen.  It makes it easy to do great work when everyone else is working hard to do the same.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
Somewhere in between Tina Fey and Ina Garten, but in my 20s.

Where are you from?
New Jersey.  The nice part.

What’s your family like?
I have an older sister, Alexandra, and my parents Myriam and Kevin.  They’re wonderful people and I wish I could see them more often!  I also just got engaged, so my family is in the process of expanding.  My fiancé’s name is also Sam so this should make for some easy monogramming.

Congrats Sam Squared!

What is your favorite hobby(s) outside of work?
I LOVE to cook.  My favorite to make are pasta sauces from scratch (reference back to question #5).  I was taught mostly Italian recipes from my mother (who is from Colombia) and my father’s father, an Irishman from New York.  Go figure.

What’s your most annoying habit?
Probably biting my nails- I should really probably stop that.  It used to be saying “like” all the time until I made it my new years resolution to stop.  To date that is the only resolution that I’ve stuck to.

Favorite food?
Favorite food—tough one.  I’d have to go back to pasta bolognese- something about cooking the sauce all day and the smell of the spices is very comforting.

Favorite color?
I’ve been on a big purple kick this year with my clothing and accessories so let’s say that’s my color for 2014.

Favorite holiday? Why?
Memorial Day Weekend- nothing better than kicking off the summer

Guilty pleasure?
Reading gossip magazines on a beach vacation.  While typically not one for celebrity news (insert Pinocchio gif here), I find that nothing quiets the mind quite like a good “Who Wore It Better” spread.

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Crunchy on sandwiches, smooth in my (sometimes) morning peanut butter and banana smoothies.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?
Showing up to the airport with a bag and asking them to put me on their next flight—anywhere.  Contents of this mystery bag will include but are not limited to:  bathing suit, ski jacket, ballgown, hamburger earmuffs and as many bottles of Pinot Noir I can fit that will keep my bag(s) under the weight limit.

2013-11-14 19.03.47

List five things that are currently sitting on your desk. 
Notebook, owl vase (current contents are a “You Are Doing A Great Freaking Job daily calendar rip off), scissors, business cards, and, if I may include things that are MISSING (ahem), some of the laminate from my desk that got ripped up after an office prank gone wrong.  I’m looking at you, Bill.

What are your top five favorite clips on Video Blocks?