A little over a month ago we were ecstatic to award Skyview High School with a Canon T3i camera for coming in first place in our “Coolest Video Editing Setup” contest. Though we had over a thousand really impressive entries, it was the determination of these young videographers that launched them into first place. In need of some new equipment for their video production program, these kids got their teachers, peers and community on board to help them bring home the prize!

About the Winners

According to their website, Skyview High School is a free public charter school providing students with a quality education in a safe and nurturing small learning community. More than great academics, Skyview High School has one of the most dynamic art programs in southern Arizona.  Award winning paintings, etchings and portraits decorate the halls and especially the art room walls.

It quickly became apparent that their creativity is certainly not limited to drawings and paintings. A student initiated video production program is led by their devoted teacher, Jessica Melrose (who helped the students win the camera). Ms. Melrose recently sent us a sample of the students’ work that they put together using their new Canon T3i. Take a few minutes to check out what these creative young minds have accomplished in just the past few weeks!

Thanks Video Blocks! from Skyview Video Production on Vimeo.

Congrats again to our winners from Skyview High! We hope you continue to get lots of use out of the new camera and year long membership to VideoBlocks!

If you want your own VideoBlocks membership, check our their free trial and see what it’s all about! Or if you just want a taste of the awesomeness, try downloading this free stock footage clip. There are thousands more like it on VideoBlocks.com!