Everyone has that one “stock” dance move in their back pocket, ready to whip out at weddings or those rare nights we’re convinced to go to a club with friends—or even when we’re home alone and rocking out Risky Business-style. But for a select group known as stock filmmakers, these rhythm-fueled spasms become fodder for footage—finding their way into our Marketplace for creatives to download and use.

We cut together a highlights reel of some of our funkiest stock dancing footage, identifying the fun, weird, and unique moves our filmmakers have captured—the “Fri-Yay” and the “IKEA Catalog” are just a few of our favorites. We guarantee that these clips take “dance like no one is watching” to a whole new level.


You might be wondering what inspired our contributors to film so many enthusiastic dancers—we were too. That’s why we talked with VideoBlocks contributor Fabiana Ponzi about the story behind her car-dancing clips featured in our video.

VideoBlocks: What inspired you to shoot this footage?

Fabiana: In general, I do like to show the real expression of happiness and joy of people in life.

VideoBlocks: How do you find the dancers?

Fabiana: In most of my videos, some are models and actors I work with, but one of them is me.

VideoBlocks: Do you have any behind the scenes funny stories from shooting these car dance scenes?

Fabiana: It’s always fun when I shoot dancing scenes. In the case of one clip, at the end of shooting the scene we broke the car—there was someone looking at us thinking we were crazy.

Do you think your two-step is ready for stock footage fame? Capture your inner Fred Astaire on film and upload it to our Marketplace where you’ll get 100% commission on every sale. Yes, that even includes fun and weird dance moves. (And we all know the internet loves weird.)

Get out there. Start dancing. And don’t forget your camera!


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