Looking back at 2016, we are struck with overwhelming appreciation for our incredible community of creatives. Thanks to you, our stock footage library has grown to include more than 3 million clips in record time. It is in this spirit that our 19,000 Marketplace contributors from around the world want to say thank you for your continued support.

Here at VideoBlocks, contributors get 100% of every Marketplace sale, which means each and every Marketplace purchase you made this year has helped support the creative community, allowing independent contributors to continue capturing the world around us.

Here are some of the notes sent by our contributors to members like you.

Thank you, VideoBlocks customers! We love to be part of the VideoBlocks marketplace. It gives us an income to keep on traveling and capturing this beautiful world. Through the 100% commission, we can create new projects with our team like filming documentaries or new tech travel projects. Money will never be the number one reason for us to do what we do, but the sales from our content gives us creative freedom to inspire people to travel and to create.

-Johannes Oppewal, TravelTelly

Download this footage from the Damnoen Saduak floating market.

It has been a wonderful year as a contributor with the VideoBlocks Marketplace. I thank you very much, VideoBlocks members for making it worthwhile for us to contribute. The 100% commission given to us is a great morale booster. It makes a big difference when I go out to shoot knowing that the returns are all mine. Thank you again.

-Steve Kinuthia, Bushman Safaris

Download this footage of two giraffes in a sunset.

We at CreativeMedias would like to thank you for being a VideoBlocks member and buying from the Marketplace. With the 100% commission, VideoBlocks gives us a unique opportunity to live from our passion and share our products at a fair price for everyone. We earn even more than selling our footage through our own website! It is a great way to recognize and value our artwork, thus boosting our creativity and will to bring you new templates weekly!

-Florian Godard, CreativeMedias

Download this vintage slideshow template for Adobe After Effects.

When we were first introduced to VideoBlocks and this revolutionary concept of giving contributors 100% of the sale, we were skeptical. How is it be possible to get 100% of the sale?! It still blows our minds and we are thrilled that we trusted VideoBlocks with our portfolio. It is wonderful to be able to work at something you love and be well rewarded for it.

-Jake Hellbach and Delores Taylor, JHDT Productions

Download this aerial view of a freight train traveling through rural farm land.

We at Dualstock are extremely happy about our collaboration with VideoBlocks for a number of factors — high number of sales, efficient contributor support, short review times, easy uploading and tagging, and obviously 100% commission! No other agency can offer this to contributors. Long live our collaboration!

-Diego Cervo and Roberto Fumagalli, Dualstock

Download this footage of children playing in the park.

The launch of the VideoBlocks Marketplace was a real game changer for the industry and for stock video producers. VideoBlocks approached us with an amazing idea and opportunity which gave buyers access to some of the best 4K and HD creative content at an affordable price and the producer gets 100% commission of all those sales! It’s a great win-win situation and more importantly, allows us to continue to expand our ideas and creativity to produce more of the best content we can.

-JP Careless, Spotmatik

Download this footage of molten magma activity.

We believe our creative community is the best in the world, from our incredible contributors to our inspiring customers. Thanks for being a part of the VideoBlocks family. And we can’t wait to see what you create in 2017!


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