There is a photographic revolution happening in the skies above us. Aerial footage that would have once cost thousands of dollars to capture can now be shot more affordably than ever. Similar to the camera or the lighting rig, drones have become invaluable tools for videographers and photographers alike, allowing for perspectives that required a helicopter or crane in the past.

By opening the capabilities of flight to a whole new class of independent filmmakers, drones are perfect for shooting video of majestic landscapes and man-made wonders. Not surprisingly, it’s for this reason that these devices have made a huge impact on the stock footage industry. Videographers are no longer limited by height or by axis; they can move their camera as fast as they want, in any direction they want, creating dynamic establishing shots that dramatically enhance their projects.

To meet the ever-growing desire for high-quality drone footage in the creative community, we are continuously expanding our collection of cinematic-grade aerial clips in our Member library—plus, our contributors are also constantly uploading new, exciting aerial footage to our Marketplace.

By sorting through customer ratings and download data, we’ve curated twenty-five top clips for you to download, all brought to you by drones.


15 Great Aerial Clips You Can Download From Our Member Library

These clips are included with your membership and can be downloaded for free.

1. Download this epic mountain landscape aerial footage.

2. Download this panoramic aerial footage of sailboats on a lake.

3. Download this aerial footage skyscrapers and a modern city skyline.

4. Download this aerial footage of the New York City skyline at night.

5. Download this modern architecture skyline aerial footage.

6. Download this aerial footage of a mountain and lake panorama.

7. Download this aerial footage a natural rocky landscape.

8. Download this beautiful lake resort aerial footage.

9. Download this beautiful nature aerial of misty mountain tops in the Alps.

10. Download this aerial footage of a city skyline flyover at night.

11. Download this aerial footage of skyscrapers at sunset.

12. Download this snowcapped mountain landscape aerial flyover footage.

13. Download this sweeping aerial footage of wild horses running across the desert plains.

14. Download this aerial footage of a Boston marina.

15. Download this aerial footage of Bryce Canyon National Park.


10 Amazing Aerial Clips You Can Purchase from Our Marketplace

The independent filmmakers who shot these clips receive 100% of all proceeds from sales. Every purchase helps support their creative endeavors.

1. Download this aerial footage Whitewater Falls on the East Coast.

2. Download this evening aerial footage of lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

3. Download this aerial footage flying over a historic graveyard in the woods.

4. Download this aerial footage of a sunrise over a rural country farm.

5. Download this aerial footage country grain fields at sunrise.

6. Download this aerial footage of the Statue of Liberty in Buffalo, New York.

7. Download this sunrise in New York aerial footage.

8. Download this flyover of an American football field aerial footage.

9. Download this flying over a beach and ocean at sunrise aerial footage.

10. Download this aerial footage of flying over a concert stage.

Feeling inspired by these awesome aerials? Download all 25 and more in our royalty-free aerial stock footage library. When you’ve finished your project, share it with us in the comments, or upload it to Instagram and tag @videoblocks.


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