It can be hard to keep churning out fun and engaging activities to do in your classroom. We wanted to help out, so we’ve put together 20 different ways that you can use video technology in your classroom. Take a look and see if it inspires you to incorporate a camera into your curriculum!

Video in the Classroom

1. Video book reports.


2. Capture and assess oral reading.


3. Make videos as gifts for parents/guardians.


4. Make a Public Service Announcement about a topical subject like bullying or recycling.


5. Use video to clearly illustrate proper classroom behavior.


6. Record an old-time radio show as a reading assignment.

7. Teach sign language .


8. Edit together the school play and show it as a movie to the class.


9. Use video editing to teach sequence.


10. Make thank you videos for classroom volunteers and support staff.


11. Use video to show other cultural traditions.


12. Have students write and record daily announcement videos.

13. Make commercials for after school clubs and activities.


14. Use video of students to support your assessments during Parent Teacher conferences.


15. Host a classroom film festival.


16. Make a video of your field trip to share with students who may have been out sick.


17. Make a library of videos that teach life skills (like washing your hands, brushing your teeth, etc) and have students share them with younger siblings or younger students.


18. Make a mock newscast about current events.


19. Have students create “All About Me” videos instead of posters or slideshows.

20. Recreate events in history and string them together to create a “History of the World in Five Minutes” or similar type of video.

Do you have some ideas for using video in the classroom? Have you tried some of these already and had great success or horrible failure? We want to hear your stories! Leave a comment below or head on over to the VideoBlocks Facebook page to share your experience!

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