A new year means new resolutions, new goals and new ambitions. Don’t leave your video editing out of the new year equation! Whether editing is a hobby or a job, there are plenty of ways for you to improve your skills over the next year. Here are 13 ways you can become a better video editor in 2013!

13. Storyboard More

We’ve emphasized the importance of storyboarding many times, and it is still just as important in 2013. Challenge yourself to really think through your entire project before you start editing. You’ll notice a huge difference in your final projects!

12. Write Out Goals

Do you have a project you really want to get done this year? Is there a new piece of equipment that you’re trying to save up for? Write it down and make that piece of paper visible. The more you see your goals, the more likely you are to accomplish them.

11. Watch Old Movies

Video editing doesn’t always need to be glitzy or use tons of special effects. Take some time this year to remind yourself of the purity of video editing. Watch some classic movies and appreciate the simplicity of the edit. Then, try to incorporate some of that style into your upcoming projects!

10. Try a New Style

Step outside of your comfort zone! Try a style that is new to you. Whether it is a black and white western or a new science fiction based film, try putting your editing in a new context. Even if it seems impractical, it will challenge you to find new story telling devices!

9. Learn All Aspects of Video Production

The best people to work with are the ones who can appreciate everyone on the team. Take some time to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes. Pick up a camera, try running audio or even give producing a shot. The more aspects of production you know, the more you’re likely to be understanding and flexible when it comes to editing.

8. Get More Resources

The stock footage, production music and After Effects template industry is booming, so there’s no excuse not to surround yourself with new media resources. You can try a subscription at Video Blocks, or even just sign up for some free sites like Motion Backgrounds for Free, Sound Effects for Free and Free Stock Music. More media means more opportunities for creation.

7. Buy New Toys

A new computer will not make you a better editor, but it will inspire you to edit more. Indulging in a few new video toys over the year to keep your enthusiasm alive!

6. Teach Others

Volunteer to teach video editing at a local school or community center. You’ll be amazed how much you learn just by teaching others! Plus, a little good karma never hurts.

5. Get Involved Online

There are plenty of online forums for video editors. Join one! Video editing can often turn into a very isolated hobby, so becoming part of an online community will help connect you with other editors and new ideas.

4. Go to a Convention

Conventions are another way to reenergize yourself for the craft. Find a film or video convention in your area (or plan a vacation around it!) and see what new and exciting productions, projects and films are out there this year!

3. Commit to Weekly Tutorials

Thanks to the Internet, there are now THOUSANDS of free tutorials available online ready to be tapped. Commit to following a new tutorial every week. By the end of the year you’ll have 52 new skills to brag about!

2. Try New Editing Programs

Download a trial version of a new video editing program and play around with it. Keep doing this until you find a new program you want to dive into and learn. The more editing programs you know, the more valuable you’ll be in the workforce.

1. Emphasize Creativity

Really stretch yourself this year to think outside of the box. Find your style, try other styles, create a whole new style! The more you try to stretch the limits, the more rewarding your final projects will become.


So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to adopt these challenges and make 2013 your best year as a video editor yet!

And in case you need a little push to get started, here is a free storyboard template to get you going! Just click on the link below to download your free storyboarding template.

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