The big Christmas celebration is over, and now you’re left with a box full of socks and a couple itchy sweaters. Well, there’s always next year. We put together a list of the the top 10 things every video enthusiast wishes they had gotten for Christmas. Hey–if you have some gift cards, maybe they can still be yours!

(You don’t have to waste your Christmas wishes on free stock footage because we are willing to give that out all year! Click here to download your free stock footage clip.)

10. Crypteks USB Driv

If you’re working on a top secret movie, this is a must-have. You’ll be the coolest James Bond wanna be in the whole post production department. The USB drive is nested in an aluminum mechanical lock that has over 14 million possible combinations. Keep your creative genius in and your enemies out.

 crypteks usb drive resized 600

Price: $130-$160 

9. Cam Crate

We bet you love army crawling through mud puddles to get the ultimate shot, but maybe your DSLR doesn’t have the same fondness for dirt and grime? Enter, Cam Crate. This virtually indestructible box will keep your valuable camera safe as you hike, climb and roll through even the swampiest terrains.

Cam Crate

Price: $50 

8. iPhone Lens Dial

The newest iPhone lets you shoot 1080p, but what’s the point if you’re limited by such a small lens? Do not let that restrain your creative power! Get this iPhone lens dial and shoot brilliant portraits and landscapes with the plethora of attachable lenses!

 iPhone Lens Dial

Price: $250 

7. Pico Dolly 

You’re ready to bring your video to the Hollywood level…without all the hassle of buying and hauling expensive equipment. Pico Dolly lets you do just that! Attach your DSLR camera and create the most perfect mini dolly effects the world has ever seen.

 Pico Dolly

Price: $90 

6. Lensbaby’s Movie Makers Kit

Improve your DSLR to James Cameron status with this awesome kit. It includes just about everything you could possibly need to create fancy, organic visual effects.

Lensbaby Movie Maker Kit

Price: $2,900 


5. VideoBlocks Subscription 

You knew this was going to be in here somewhere. We’d be pretty disappointed, too, if we didn’t get the gift of unlimited stock footage, production music, looping backgrounds and more. Luckily, even if Santa didn’t treat you to VideoBlocks for Christmas, you can treat yourself for free with our 7 day trial. Just click on this link to start yours today.


Price: FREE for 7 days, then $79/month 

4. Sony HD Camcorder Projector

It’s been a secret fantasy for many of us to show old family movies on an old fashioned projector just like in The Wonder Years. Well, this fantasy gets modernized and realized with Sony’s HD Camcorder Projector. The small yet mighty projector in the screen lets you torture friends and family for hours without ever hauling big and bulky equipment.

 Sony Projector Camcorder

Price: $900 


3. Delorean Time Machine Hard Drive

If you have to have a hard drive, you might as well have the coolest one on the planet. It’s a 1:18 scale replica of the Delorean time machine from Back to the Future. There is no doubt that this will provide hours of creative inspiration.

Delorean Hard Drive

Price: $250 

2. Go Pro Hero 2 Camera 

You’re a video editor, and you’re a surfer, but how can you possibly combine your two loves? Easy! This spiffy little camera can be mounted on just about anything. It shoots 1080p video and is available for outdoor use (skiing, snowboarding, etc), motorsports, or surfing. So no matter what thrilling sport you love, you can always capture it on camera!

Hero 2 Surf Camera

Price: $300 


1. Red Scarlet X Camera 

It never hurts to dream, right? This compact little beauty can shoot 4K video and full frame stills. It can use Canon lenses and has an impressive 5 inch touch screen monitor. Since Santa doesn’t typically leave $10,000 bills in our stockings, this one may take a few years to save up for!

 Red Scarlet X Camera

Price: $9,500-$14,000 

Do all of these price tags have you seeing red? Good! Because if you click on the red button below you’ll get to download a free production music track. It’s our gift to you!

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