Do you dream of soaring mountains, hidden waterfalls, and sun dappled valleys? Or bustling city squares, colorful artisan markets, and bright urban lights? Whatever your preferred adventure, studio-grade stock footage can take you—and your audience—there.

We know what it’s like to want to break out of the daily grind and wander free, which is why we created our new Wanderlust-inspired footage and audio collections. Perfect for channeling a little of that Jack Kerouac free spirit in marketing ads or as b-roll in new video projects, these breathtaking travel videos will help you channel your next creative adventure.


Footage for Your Marketing Campaign

The travel industry is full of beautiful scenery. Don’t let your marketing campaign fall by the wayside with poor quality video. Inspire your audience with an aerial view of a nearby beach or a clip of travelers enjoying their time away.

Video lets you set the scene for what guests can expect and up the curiosity factor. A clean, well-shot piece of footage might be all you need to tip the interest on your campaign, increasing your ROI in the process.

Here are a few clips that would work stunningly with a video-based marketing campaign.

Download this wide shot of a palm tree on a beach.

Purchase this clip of a man exploring a new city.

Download this clip of a woman enjoying a scenic mountain view.


Create a Background in Your Film

Finding stock footage for your low-budget film shouldn’t make you long for your next vacation. Our travel footage collection is full of options to provide a backdrop for your film without needing to dip into your vacation fund.

Can’t travel to China to visit the Great Wall in person? Yeah, neither can we. But what you can do is use our Great Wall video clip—why shell out the big bucks when you can get some of the same studio-quality travel footage that studios use for their b-roll shots?

Download this scenic view of the Venice canals.

Download this shot of London’s Big Ben.

Download this aerial view of the Great Wall of China.


Make a YouTube Travel Video

YouTube is the place to go for travel videos. It seems like every YouTube star uses the site to share travel footage at some point.

While the use of these clips is only limited by your amazing imagination, these ideas give you a great jumping off point for your next YouTube travel video.

Download this timelapse footage of a cross-country road trip.

Download this footage of clouds rolling over the Grand Canyon.


Download this time lapse of the Statue of Liberty at sunset.


Tie It All Together with The Right Tunes

You’ll want to find the perfect musical pairings for your footage—Discover the perfect traveling tunes in our curated collection of wanderlust-inspiring music tracks.


Explore the Wanderlust Inspired Collection