As that classic children’s film says, “we got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea!” With the arrival of warmer weather, crowds flock to the waterside for a break from the heat and some cool, wet fun. But the underwater world has always been and continues to be an area of poetic and scientific mystery—not to mention a marvel to the filmmaking world. (Just ask James Cameron.)

Explore the ocean depths yourself with our new Under the Sea Toolkit featuring VideoBlocks underwater stock video and sounds from our sister site, AudioBlocks.


Footage That Floats Your Boat

Seen from above, the ocean seems to last forever, stretching to the horizon and beyond, almost identical in every direction you look—but diving underneath the surface shows us a whole new world. From footage that focuses on coral reefs and schools of fish with every color imaginable to mysterious creatures we could have only dreamed to be real, our underwater toolkit can help paint a fuller picture of all the ocean’s many facets.

Download this Sardines Swimming with a Shark Clip.

Download This Sea Turtle in a Coral Reef Video.

Purchase this Sun Rays Shining Through Water Ripples Clip.


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Dive Into Our Underwater Audio

Music and sound effects from the underwater world can be so simple but also intensely powerful. The crashing of waves on the beach can be used to help people dive into restful dreams or transport a person to a place or feeling. Try these soothing stock audio files featuring tranquil sound effects and loops that personify life at the beach.


Download this Power Trip Instrumental Track.


Purchase these Crashing Waves.


Download this Beach Ambience.


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