Although die-hard romantics may disagree, how we remember weddings is often as important as the big day itself. When couples and loved ones look back, they’ll reminisce about the way the bride and groom looked at each other, or the champagne-studded toasts, or everyone’s smooth moves out on the dance floor. Every wedding professional knows the importance of these treasured memories, especially if you’re the photographer or videographer. The pressure is on to make those moments looks magical.

Enter our Wedding Professional’s Toolkit. Vendors and DIY brides alike know that the videos, photos, stationery, and music from a wedding will be the most enduring momentos for the happy couple and their guests. To help create that picture-perfect day, we’ve gathered together the finest footage, After Effects templates, photos, invitation templates, music, and more from our library, as well as from our sister sites AudioBlocks and GraphicStock, to make each wedding you capture look like one for the record books.


Templates and Footage for the Big Day

Wedding videography has become a massive industry, with one in three brides choosing to hire a professional videographer. According to a number of wedding industry insiders, of the two-thirds who forgo video, 98% say they regret the decision. Clearly, wedding videography has a huge impact.

Make sure your video project stands out with these eye catching After Effects Templates and digital photo albums. While you’re at it, you can whip up awesome wedding titles that are perfect for the couple’s big introduction or to create a wistful bridal shower moment.

The Perfect Wedding Album

Download this Modern Album Slideshow

Tear-Jerking Titles

Download these Charming Wedding Titles

Although it would be great if we could be everywhere all at once, it can be hard to capture all of the essential moments you need for the perfect video. If you missed a romantic snowfall or breath-taking sunset outside while you were busy filming the best man’s toast inside, stock footage can help recreate those lost moments.

You can also use stock B-roll for inserts between wedding day shots to help set location and mood&mdashIs the wedding in NYC? Add in a nighttime timelapse or sweeping aerial of Manhattan to up your project’s production value and add a little extra wedding magic. Is it a spring or winter wedding? Make sure to set the scene with some of our beautiful nature footage.

Footage for a Stunning Wedding Video

Download this Romantic Snowfall Footage


Find Footage for Forever


They’re Playing Our Song

Few things are as powerful as that perfect track&mdashit can convey emotion, transport us, inspire us, and even get the most introverted among us bustin’ a move with a little boogie. Whether you are looking for a classical melody for a waltz down the aisle or want whimsical background music to add that finishing touch to a wedding video, you’ll be whistling a happy tune with these touching tracks.

Here Comes the Bride


Download “Modern Elegance”


Download “Canon in D”


Download “Air on the G String”


Download “Your Wedding Day”
Musical Memories


Download “Charming Ever After”


Download “Moonlight Love Music”


Download “Jazz Love Music”


Download “A Lover’s Story”

Dance the Night Away


Photos and Graphics to Frame Your Photo-Op

Great stock photos and graphics are integral to the success of any wedding. It’s a bold claim, but hear us out. Between invitations, save-the-dates, wedding websites, thank you notes, wedding programs, menus, place cards&mdashand even optional finishing touches like custom aisle and table runners, stamps, coasters, or personalized wine labels&mdashstock images play an important part in the big day. And after the wedding is over, these images will take any wedding album to the next level.

Chic Background Patterns and Textures

Wedding Professional

Download this Vintage Damask Background Illustration

Romantic Vectors and Graphics

Wedding Professional

Download this Romantic Abstract Flowers Graphic

Picture Perfect Photos

Wedding Professional

Download this Whimsical Lollipop Photograph

Simply Stunning Stationery

Wedding Professional

Download this Chic Invitation Template


Say “I Do” to Stock Images


As a wedding professional, you know that your client’s wedding day isn’t about you, or the monogrammed coasters you designed, or that glorious aerial shot you took of the venue&mdashit’s about two people coming together to celebrate a life-long commitment to unconditional love and companionship. But when the cake is cut and all is said and done, the happy couple is going to want to remember every moment. With this toolkit, you’re well on your way to creating those special memories&mdashthe ones that last long beyond the last dance.