As temperatures start to creep ever closer to gorgeous 80 and 90 degree days, summer preparations are finally underway. Grab your towel, don’t forget your sunglasses, and make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen—it’s time to soak up the summer sun. Get comfy in your favorite lawn chair, kick back, and check out our top 20 After Effect openers for everything fun in the sun.

Amidst all of the beach trips, concerts, and summer ads, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the impending summer season. Let us help you destress with our easy peasy AE openers, perfect for everything summer. Our templates are spectacular for showcasing photos from those steamy summer nights, getting the word out to would-be clubbers, or documenting your amazing Hawaiian family vacation.

There are endless ways to utilize our templates from recording the kids’ day of bug catching to letting the local beach crowd know that the patio bar is open for business. Take a stroll through our top 20 AE openers for summer fun below.

1. AE Template: Elegant Logo

Download this Elegant template!

2. AE Template: Smartphone Swipe

Download this Smartphone Swipe template!

3. AE Template: Sensation

Download this Sensation template!\

4. AE CS4 Template: Photowall

Download this Photowall template!

5. AE Template: Soaring

Download this Soaring template!

6. AE Template: White Corporate

Download this Corporate template!

7. After Effects CS5 Template: Video Presentation

Download this Video Presentation template!

8. AE CS4 Template: Photos

Download this Photos template!

9. AE CS4 Template: Boxy

Download this Boxy template!

10. After Effects CS4 Template: Royal Particulates Photo Album

Download this Royal Particles template!

11. After Effects CS5 Template: Block Titles

Download this Block Titles template!

12. AE Template: Tilt Shift Effect

Download this Tilt Shift template!

13. AE CS4 Template: Bright Clouds Logo

Download this Bright Clouds template!

14. AE Template: Life Scene

Download this Life Scene template!

15. After Effects CS5 Template: Bracket Titles

Download this Bracket template!

16. After Effects CS4 Template: Summertime Logo Reveal

Download this Summertime Logo template!

17. AE CS4 Template: Grunge Presentation

Download this Grunge template!

18. After Effects CS5 Template: Broken Array

Download this Broken template!

19. AE SC4 Template: Simple Slides

Download this Simple Slides template!

20. AE CS4 Template: Bokeh Reveal

Download this Bokeh Reveal Template!

Make your sunny day memories last forever or take advantage of tourist season, the possibilities and magical summer nights are endless with our After Effects Openers!


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