What’s that creeping around the corner and lurking underneath the bed? Spine-tingling stock media, of course. From George A. Romero to M. Night Shyamalan, the film world is full of gruesome inspiration—but you don’t need a big studio production budget to thrill your audience. We’ve partnered with our sister sites GraphicStock and AudioBlocks to bring you the best of our horror film stock media in one essential toolkit.

From zombies and ghouls to exorcisms and mass-murdering psychopaths—whatever your creative M.O.—we’ve got the stock footage, audio, and graphics you need to keep your audience riveted to the edge of their seats.

Here’s our hand-curated collection of our scariest media. Create something terrifying, and whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.


Footage To Haunt Your Nightmares

Set the tone from the very first frame with these unsettling and spooky After Effects templates. Whether your project is a subtle psychological thriller, à la Hitchcock, or a Wes Craven-style slasher, these templates are sure to get under your audience’s skin.




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Graphics That Slay

Looking for dark and forbidding visual elements to add a sinister tone to your project’s advertising or inspire fear during the opening credits? Discover grunge textures, eerie backgrounds, and chilling stock vectors in GraphicStock’s library.

Fright Night Toolkit Stock Killer Horror Film



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Audio That’s a Scream

Subtle audio cues like soft music in a minor key can unsettle your audience while heavy stingers and screeches can add a visceral shock to onscreen terror. Uncover dramatic sound effects and music in the AudioBlocks library that are sure to fill your audience with dread.


Download This Children’s Horror Theme Music


Download This Cinema Horror Music.


Download This Stab Musical Hit Sound Effect.


Download This Spooky Chimes Sound Effect


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