From indie directors to home video aficionados, everyone has a filmmaker to shop for during the holidays. We all know that good things come in small packages, so we put together a stocking stuffer gift guide for filmmakers. These miniature presents are sure to knock the socks off of your resident cinematographer—and make shooting video all the merrier.

Tiffen_77VND_77mm_Variable_Neutral_Density_1439929274000_813278-minTiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter

$149 at B&H Photo

This ND filter allows filmmakers to not only balance out light, but also take full control over depth of field. You can rotate the Tiffen 77mm Variable to the desired degree of neutral density, saving the hassle of buying and carrying around multiple filters. Even in full light, you’ll be able to capture effects and details on video.




Untitled1-minZeiss Moist Cleaning Wipes

$4.99 for a pack of 20 wipes at B&H Photo

Old t-shirts really shouldn’t be used to clean expenses lenses and filters. Like, really shouldn’t. So do you filmmaker friend a favor and get them some wipes. Along with the 20 pre-moistened wipes, you’ll get a microfiber cloth for touch-ups—ensuring crystal clear video.





Untitled2-minPanasonic Eneloop Power Pack and Battery Charger for AA & AAA Batteries

$33.59 on Amazon for 10 AA and 4 AAA (2100 cycle) eneloop batteries and battery charger

Batteries are a perennial need for filmmakers. You can really never have enough, but you’ll save countless off-brand Duracells from an untimely demise with the Eneloop high-quality rechargeables. The set comes with both AA and AAA batteries and a charger that refuels them in record time to satisfy the needs of all camera accessories.



lexar_lsd256crbna1000_pro_1000x_uhs_2_1414767033000_1090741-minFast SD cards

Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-II Memory Card

32G for $59.99 or 64G for $99.99 on B&H Photo

Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II SDXC Memory Card

128G for $59.99 or 256G for $141.99 on B&H Photo

Waiting for footage to transfer is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Fortunately, faster SD cards are making this painstaking process somewhat more tolerable. If you don’t shoot in 4K, you might get away with the Sandisk Extreme Pro, but most filmmakers will want the greater storage space of the Lexar Professional 1000x—even if it is slightly slower.


Untitled5-minPelican 0915 Memory Card Case

$17.99 on B&H Photo

After spending all that cash on memory cards, you’ll definitely want to protect them with a case. Even more important is the footage on those cards. If lost or broken prior to transfer, the video will be gone forever. The rough-and-tumble case is water resistant and will keep precious work from harm.





Untitled6-minThe Art of Mad Max: Fury Road by Abbie Bernstein

$25.00 on Amazon

Award season is in full swing and the critics are all abuzz about Mad Max: Fury Road. This book serves as a fantastic behind-the-scenes companion to the film—containing imagery of early concept art, production photos, character portraits, and more. You get to see what it is really like on the set of a hit film in the making.  





Untitled8-minPearstone SAI-5334 Acrylic Slate Insert

$7.95 on B&H Photo

This pocket-sized insert may not make a fun sound like regular clapboards, but it’s far more portable and gets the job done. The dry erase surface makes it reuseable for scene after scene after scene, ad infinitum. You might even want to buy some markers as additional stocking stuffers.






$99/ year for unlimited downloads

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of unlimited royalty-free music, effects, and loops! With an annual subscription to AudioBlocks, your filmmaker will have access to the soundtrack of their dreams—all for only $99.






$99/ year for unlimited downloads + access to a members-only Marketplace of discounted clips

It’s impossible to capture every shot needed for a cinema-quality film yourself. With the gift of stock video, filmmakers save precious time and money on getting the shots they need. An annual subscription to VideoBlocks provides unlimited downloads from a $10 million library of professional footage, backgrounds, and After Effects templates.