Frightening Stock Footage for Your Halloween

Halloween is creeping closer, which means it’s time to channel your inner Hitchcock—or maybe your inner Craven, Romero, or Carpenter (depending on your style). Whether you’re working on a mind-bending supernatural thriller or a macabre family comedy, we’ve got the Halloween stock footage you need. Check out these collections of the most haunting templates and videos from our Unlimited Library.   Make an Impression Dark and brooding or spooky and magical? Whatever tone you choose, make sure you prime your audience from the very first … Read more about Frightening Stock Footage for Your Halloween

Fall for This Stock Fall Footage

Leaf peepers take warning: the following footage may induce serious autumn envy. Fall might as well have been created for videographers and photographers, so we harvested some of the most colorful (and coniferous) stock footage from our Unlimited Library into one crisp gallery. The golden oranges, burnt reds, and vibrant yellows of these trees offer stunning natural contrast—a no brainer for nature stock footage in any fall project. Slow Motion Autumn Leaves Falling Stock Footage   Fall Trees and Leaves Stock … Read more about Fall for This Stock Fall Footage

Winning Football Footage — On and Off the Field

It’s September, and while the leaves are turning brown and the air is cooling down, stadiums across the United States are as green as ever and heating up for the start of football season. While you’re digging out those home team jerseys and putting your best cheese dip front and center for game day at home, we’ve put together a collection of our trending football stock footage to use in your next high-octane promo video or tear-jerker underdog story. All of the clips below are from our Unlimited Library, but don’t forget to check out the … Read more about Winning Football Footage — On and Off the Field

Frame Within a Frame: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Composition

Of the many techniques cinematographers use to guide a viewer’s eyes, “frame within a frame” composition is among the most powerful. Framing scenes using naturally occurring objects gives artists the ability to direct the gaze of their audience squarely toward their intended focal point. Once you begin to notice this technique, you’ll see just how often these subtle frames appear in television, film, and our own library of stock footage. Follow the links below to see even more stock footage shot … Read more about Frame Within a Frame: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Composition

Why—and How—Great Directors Steal

Great directors such as George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, and Christopher Nolan are under an enormous amount of pressure to innovate, yet much of their monumental success as directors rests equally upon imitation. Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; yet others say that life imitates art. Instead of being mutually exclusive, both can exist. Like all artists, great directors borrow and build upon each other's techniques, allowing them to spend more time filmmaking and less time reinventing the wheel. For the best proof that … Read more about Why—and How—Great Directors Steal

How Two Teenage Brothers Got Their Music in Breaking Bad

While Breaking Bad celebrated record-crushing ratings during its 4th season finale, Bronson and Preston Taalbi were high-fiving in their musical headquarters—also known as their parents’ basement in Wisconsin. The brothers had just experienced the national debut of their first song “Freestyle” to an audience of nearly 3 million viewers. And they were only 13 and 15 years old. The story of how their music made it into a finale episode of Breaking Bad starts on the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica, California. “We were busking[1] and … Read more about How Two Teenage Brothers Got Their Music in Breaking Bad

Footage to Satisfy Your Summer Wanderlust

The term wanderlust describes a burning desire to explore the world and discover life outside your “stock” comfort zone. It’s also the driving force behind much of our stock travel footage. Like the twelve clips below, much of our library comes courtesy of weathered passports, moderate jet lag, converted currency, and a strong sense of adventure! If you’re looking for summer travel footage that’s a bit more majestic than crowded beaches and municipal parks, look no further than the footage below. Warning: downloading the following … Read more about Footage to Satisfy Your Summer Wanderlust

Full House Recast in Stock Footage

Netflix isn’t the only company that values eighties and nineties nostalgia. In anticipation of their upcoming Fuller House reboot, we gave the original Full House a stock footage makeover using footage from our library. Note: once you hit play, it’s almost certain you’ll have the theme stuck in your head for the afternoon. If you happen to be an employee of Netflix working on the new show’s intro—or just in need of stock footage of San Francisco, red convertibles, and families skipping down … Read more about Full House Recast in Stock Footage