Coming Soon to a Sock Near You: Stocking Stuffers for Filmmakers

From indie directors to home video aficionados, everyone has a filmmaker to shop for during the holidays. We all know that good things come in small packages, so we put together a stocking stuffer gift guide for filmmakers. These miniature presents are sure to knock the socks off of your resident cinematographer—and make shooting video all the merrier. Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter $149 at B&H Photo This ND filter allows filmmakers to not only balance out light, but also take full control over depth of field. … Read more about Coming Soon to a Sock Near You: Stocking Stuffers for Filmmakers

Stock Filmmaker Toolkit: Medical Drama Edition

With the Fall primetime television season now well underway, we’ve been inspired by that perennial favorite of primetime diets, the medical drama. High stakes operations, strange diseases, and the chaotic lives of hospital doctors—what’s not to love? So whether your style is more E.R. or Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve gathered the best of our stock medical footage from our Unlimited Library to get your adrenaline (and your creativity) flowing. Eye-Catching Medical Animations In recent years, medical television shows have gone beyond skin deep with … Read more about Stock Filmmaker Toolkit: Medical Drama Edition

This Awesome Memorial Only Works on Veterans Day

Once a year—on Veterans Day—the Anthem Veterans Memorial just outside of Phoenix, Arizona comes to life at precisely 11:11 AM. The sun’s rays align with its five pillars to briefly illuminate a glass mosaic medallion of the Great Seal of the United States. The memorial was conceived by retired Rear Adm. Ronald D. Tucker in 2009 and designed by Renee Palmer-Jones, a local artist. It was dedicated on November 11, 2011 with an opening ceremony and has since been designated a historic landmark. But perhaps the greatest recognition to come to … Read more about This Awesome Memorial Only Works on Veterans Day

Crowdfunding 101

When platforms like Kickstarter initially gained traction in 2008 and 2009, Hollywood approached crowdfunding with due skepticism. It’s taken several years of testing the waters—and notable victories from industry regulars including Spike Lee (Da Sweet Blood of Jesus) and Zac Braff (Wish I Was Here)—but pursuing crowdfunding for films has finally moved into the mainstream as an accepted fundraising avenue for both big name filmmakers and newer artists. A Tradition of Creative Funding    The need for unconventional revenue streams isn’t … Read more about Crowdfunding 101

Crafting Terror: Wes Craven and Directing Horror

Horror, as a genre, is essential. It can often be written off as schlocky or superficial, but in the right hands, a well-crafted scary story provides us with a cathartic release that reminds us we're human. When it reaches the heights of fine art, horror can be a visceral mirror through which to look at the darkest, hidden, or ignored parts of society. Wes Craven was a master of this kind of brutal satire. He was an intellectual, a former humanities professor who could look beyond the macabre, but who did such a fine job of chilling our … Read more about Crafting Terror: Wes Craven and Directing Horror

Frightening Stock Footage for Your Halloween

Halloween is creeping closer, which means it’s time to channel your inner Hitchcock—or maybe your inner Craven, Romero, or Carpenter (depending on your style). Whether you’re working on a mind-bending supernatural thriller or a macabre family comedy, we’ve got the Halloween stock footage you need. Check out these collections of the most haunting templates and videos from our Unlimited Library.   Make an Impression Dark and brooding or spooky and magical? Whatever tone you choose, make sure you prime your audience from the very first … Read more about Frightening Stock Footage for Your Halloween

Fall for This Stock Fall Footage

Leaf peepers take warning: the following footage may induce serious autumn envy. Fall might as well have been created for videographers and photographers, so we harvested some of the most colorful (and coniferous) stock footage from our Unlimited Library into one crisp gallery. The golden oranges, burnt reds, and vibrant yellows of these trees offer stunning natural contrast—a no brainer for nature stock footage in any fall project. Slow Motion Autumn Leaves Falling Stock Footage   Fall Trees and Leaves Stock … Read more about Fall for This Stock Fall Footage

Winning Football Footage — On and Off the Field

It’s September, and while the leaves are turning brown and the air is cooling down, stadiums across the United States are as green as ever and heating up for the start of football season. While you’re digging out those home team jerseys and putting your best cheese dip front and center for game day at home, we’ve put together a collection of our trending football stock footage to use in your next high-octane promo video or tear-jerker underdog story. All of the clips below are from our Unlimited Library, but don’t forget to check out the … Read more about Winning Football Footage — On and Off the Field