Looking for an alternative to gifting elbow pads, bandages, or health insurance this year? We’ve got you covered with our extreme filmmaker gift guide—a selection of curated add-ons tailored specifically for action, GoPro, and extreme filmmakers.

We polled those on our staff who own hiking boots and kayaks, and here’s what they fired back with:


For Selfie Takers:

The GoPole Reach

Recommended by: Ben P.

There’s perhaps no better selfie than the selfie that’s taken thousands of feet above ground, while gliding atop water, or while skiing downhill—and the GoPole Reach makes these shots possible by way of its telescoping arm.

Collapsible into four stages, the Reach extends from 14” all the way to 40” and features integrated twist locks, built-in GoPro compatibility, and a lifetime warranty. It also has a spot for a wireless remote (available separately) to place the shutter button at the tip of your fingers. Don’t forget to smile.

GoPole Reach



For Plane, Train, and Automobile Chasers:

The CineSquid Mount

Recommended by: Zach

Because cars, boats, and boulders don’t normally come with camera mounts, Cinetics created the CineSquid Mount—a suction-cup tripod system that’s been field tested at 200 MPH on the side of a plane.

With three separate surface connections each attached to the mount by independent arms, the CineSquid grants extreme filmmakers stickiness, flexibility, and stability all in one. (Supercar and speedboat are, regretfully, not included.)

CineSquid Mount



For Extreme Companions:

The Fetch Harness

Recommended by: Alamo our office dog

Who says humans make the best camera operators? Not these dog lovers. Anyone with a GoPro and four-legged friend is in dire need of the Fetch Dog Harness. Made specifically for GoPro cameras—and dogs—the harness features dual chest and back mounts and can be adjusted to fit companions from 15 pounds all the way up to 120 pounds.

It’s also padded and—very, very fortunately—washable.

Fetch Dog Harness



For Not-Very-Smooth Operators:

The Steadicam Smoothee

Recommended by: Brian

You might consider it a compliment if your extreme footage makes audiences feel queasy by means of height, danger, speed, etc. However, you should probably consider an upgrade to Tiffen’s Steadicam Smoothee if that queasiness is really just the result of camera shake.

Small, lightweight, and built for one-handed operation, this camera stabilizer brings the technology of Hollywood rigs to your GoPro, iPhone, or Drift cameras (additional adapters may be required).

Steadicam Smoothee

$127 with GoPro HERO and iPhone 5/5s mounts

For Gear Mounters:

GoPro Smart Remote

Recommended by: Bob

Wearable, waterproof, and usable up to 600’ away, the GoPro Smart Remote is about as functional as remote controls can get—allowing users to access not only start/stop functions, but control power settings, make adjustments, and even set tags to mark footage.

The single device can control up to 50 cameras at once, has a built-in display, and is submersible to 33’ under water. Add some talent and a surfboard, and you’re pretty much ready to go viral.

GoPro Smart Remote