Spring—it’s a time for weddings, weekend getaways, and enjoying the great outdoors. Everyone is ready to come out of hibernation and find inspiration as winter’s grey melts away, revealing fresh earth and new ideas. It is the perfect time to bring life to your creative vision, and we have tons of great b-roll to work as the glue to your original footage.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered our top spring-inspired video clips to showcase the potential the season brings. So shake off the dreary weather and dust off those drones; ‘tis the season to pack a little carpe diem in with your camera gear.

From stock footage of rolling hillsides to royalty-free bunnies and budding cherry blossom trees, here’s a taste of our favorite spring clips.

Spring Inspired Stock Footage of Wildflowers, Animals, and Picnics

Flower pinwheels spinning in the wind on a sunny day
Couple drinking wine and enjoying a picnic on a rolling hillside
Close Up: Hand brushing through a purple flowers in a lavender meadow on a Spring morning
Baby girl plays with chicks in Easter dress
Looking for more flowers and baby animals? Discover all the fresh footage in our library.


Spring into More Stock Footage