An ominous, overcast sky. Skyscrapers and streets speckled with graffiti. Every epic montage starts with an establishing shot or two of training grounds; the place where the hero will push the boundaries of his or her physical abilities in the pursuit of greatness. From Rocky to Creed and all the sports movies released in between, cinematic workout regimes tend to share common elements that make viewers want to “eat lightnin’ and crap thunder.”

In the video below, we used five key editing techniques to show how to make an epic montage entirely out of fitness stock footage and royalty-free music. These are great go-to tricks to have in your filmmaking toolkit.


Here’s the final product. Make sure to crank up the volume to get the full effect.

You don’t need washboard abs to make a great montage—just the right shots, some heart-pounding music, and a bit of post-production prowess. Try cutting together your own with all the clips from the videos above and don’t be deterred if you’re new to these techniques. After all, everyone loves an underdog story.


Flex Your Stock Muscles