Humanity continually strives for excellence in innovation, and for most of human history our imaginations have far outpaced our technological capacity. Sci-fi shows like Star Trek and even The Jetsons have captured our hearts and minds for generations, tantalizing our imaginations. But you don’t need to use fictional footage to awe your viewers with the incredible possibilities of technology—instead, download stock footage from our technology collection to showcase humanity’s amazing advancements while inspiring your viewers to bring more technology into their lives.
Check out these 20 clips to get you started!


Feeling Futuristic

Looking for futuristic tech-inspired video clips? Then check out these clips of some of the latest visual technologies.

1. Vortex Visual Display
Download this clip of a wireframe vortex display.

2. Virtual Reality Headset
Download this clip of a woman using virtual reality equipment.

3. Eye Tracking Technology
Purchase this clip of a human eye being tracked with eye-tracking technology.


Virtual Communication

Remember George Jetson’s video watch that everyone called at the most inopportune times? Or how about the omnipresent video chat screens and video phones in The Jetsons that seemed to exist only in our imaginations? Remind your audience that these fantastical concepts are no longer fiction with these killer virtual communication inspired video clips.

4. Apple Watch
Purchase this clip of a woman using the touchscreen Apple Watch.

5. Tablet
Download this clip of a man using a tablet.

6. Business Conference Call
Download this clip of a business call on a tablet.

7. Video Chatting on a SmartPhone
Purchase this clip of video chatting on a smartphone with a child.



Who could forget how helpful robots were in all those retro science fiction shows? While we may not have fully autonomous housekeepers, these clips of advancements in robotics will show your viewers that we aren’t far off from having our own beloved Rosie!
8. Robotic Vacuum
Purchase this clip of a robotic vacuum.

9. Robot Doing Laundry
Purchase this clip of a robot doing laundry.

10. Robots for Defense
Download this clip of a robot on patrol with Marines.


Medical Advancements

Perhaps nowhere are the technological advancements of the last few decades more evident (or appreciated) than in the medical field. Prosthetics have evolved into new forms that allow greater range of human motion and robotic surgeries are more precise, less invasive, and more successful than ever before! Use these clips to show the world just how far prosthetics have come with modern technology.

11. Paralympic Athlete with New Prosthetic Leg
Purchase this clip of a Paralympic runner with one prosthetic leg.

12. Prosthetic Ears Controlled by Brainwaves
Download this clip of a young woman moving prosthetic ears with her mind.

13. Full-Motion Prosthetic Arm
Purchase this clip of a cybernetic full-motion prosthetic arm.

14. Robotic Surgery
Purchase this clip of a robot being used in surgery.


Improving Our Planet

One of the most valuable applications of new technology is to make the world a better place. From clean energy to modern day 3D manufacturing, technology is changing the world in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of 20 years ago. Check out a few other ways tech is reinventing the world around us with these clips.

15. Clean Energy Montage
Purchase this montage contrasting renewable energy with fossil fuels.

16. 3D Printer Printing a Letter E
Download this clip of a 3D printer making a letter E.

17. 3D Printer Printing a Hand
Purchase this clip of a 3D Printer making a human hand.


To Boldly Go

Regardless of all of the incredible advancements made here on the ground, nothing quite captures the vast potential of the future of technology like space exploration. Our library has hundreds of space technology inspired clips–including archival NASA footage—to give your audience a reason to reach for greatness.

18. Hubble Telescope
Download this clip of the Hubble Telescope in outer space.

19. Futuristic Space Exploration
Purchase this clip of a fictional future space station.

20. Voyager I Leaving the Solar System
Purchase this clip of Voyager I leaving the Earth’s Solar System.

All of these inspiring clips and more are available from VideoBlocks. We’ve even created an entire technology collection to help you find exactly what you need to bring a touch of technology to your viewers. So what are you waiting for? Get in the now with VideoBlocks!


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