Just when you think you’re out of places to go, sights to see, or new things to experience, Cuba rises as one of the best travel destinations of the year. It’s bustling streets of lively music, retro cars, and colorful buildings have attracted many career travelers for decades, and with Cuban-American relations improving, your wanderlust could take you on a new adventure. Our new Cuban travel footage collection features these authentic views of local life and highlights the beauty of the Caribbean island.

Besides inspiring wanderlust, these high quality videos are perfect for taking your travel blog or social ads to the next level. Adding a captivating video never fails to catch someone’s attention. Set yourself apart from the rest and see how this collection can inspire you.


The Streets

The streets of Cuba are a sight themselves. Overflowing with color and culture, the rustic aesthetic of the buildings are topped only by the old-school Cadillacs driving by.

Download this footage of a Havana street.

Download this footage of a Cuban street at sunset.

Download this footage of classic cars in Cuba.


The Shore

The bustling streets of Cuba are complemented by its miles of serene shoreline. If you want to get travelers inspired, beautiful beaches are a foolproof way of doing so.

Download this time lapse footage a the Cuban shoreline.

Download this footage of Largo Beach.

Download this sunset footage.


The People

Rich with culture, the people of Cuba are the heart behind the beautiful country. There’s nothing like learning the history of a nation than hearing it from the people who make it what it is. It’s the stories that will last forever, and the true inspiration that sparks wanderlust.

Download this footage of a Cuban man.

Download this footage of a man and his grandson feeding birds.

Download this footage of a Cuban woman.

Cuba has everything a traveler wants in a destination, and our collection has everything you need to inspire others. If these videos didn’t catch your wandering eye, check out the full collection and see more of what Cuba has to offer.


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