One look at Orion Owens’s VideoBlocks portfolio will have you California dreaming…or Maui dreaming…or Bali dreaming, for that matter. He’s a SoCal-based surfer, but the man behind Active Stock chases the break all over the world—funding his pursuits with the stock footage he films along the way. Owens seems to have already found the perfect wave, though, in this best-selling Marketplace shot that he captured while riding a picturesque swell.

Download Orion Owens’s POV surfing video

It’s easy to see why this clip is so popular: watching the wave engulf you is an experience. You feel like you are inside that tunnel of water, riding a surfboard like a pro. That connection with the viewer—the ability to elicit a sensory and emotional response—is what makes Owens’s footage resonate.

The ethereal blues and purples of the color treatment amplify the video’s capacity to inspire awe. It’s more than a video of a wave; it’s an aspirational story. Most of us will never know what it really looks or feels like to surf a world-class break, and this video is a very effective tease at that lifestyle. It leaves you wanting more (which is why we find ourselves watching the wave crash over and over on a loop).

For filmmakers, there are many ways to put this clip and its unique qualities to use. Whether you’re producing a swimwear ad or making a music video that thematically relates to water, your audience will keep watching when this wave footage appears.

As a whole, Owens’s portfolio has a style and vibe that conveys a specific brand. To explore and download all of his videos—including the #1 wave clip—click the button below.

Surf for Excellent Footage


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