What do Nike, Apple, and Disney all have in common? Brands that are 100% on point—but branding isn’t just for corporate bigwigs. From freelancers and consultants to small businesses, your brand is the core essence of your company. Think of it as the heart and soul. If you want customers that are as passionate about your product as you are, your brand needs to be a strong and consistent voice.

Of course, not everyone has a large branding team at their disposal to instantly whip up new creative. Most of us are lean and limber, creating our own branding and advertising while wearing many other hats. That’s why we’ve pulled together our Marketing and Branding Toolkit, chock full of essential stock promotion templates, images, and music for your marketing—and all easily customized and tailored to your company’s core messaging and brand.


Why Branding?

Your marketing strategy—like your body—is how you walk, talk, and interact in the consumer world. But your brand is your personality and what your customers will fall in love with. It’ll breathe life into and inspire your slogans, email blasts, and promotional campaigns long after you strip away the underlying marketing tactics. There’s got to be a human element underneath the dollar signs if you want your business to succeed and thrive. A good brand will drive the messaging and form of all of your marketing.

Our toolkit features After Effects templates from our membership library—plus some customizable vectors and catchy music tracks and loops from our sister sites, GraphicStock and AudioBlocks. We curated these to help market your brand and create a strong pull to your product or service, so your customers will continue to come back time after time.


Promo Templates to Captivate Customers

Video is the most important form of online marketing—so clearly you should be utilizing this powerful platform. Be more than just a presence on YouTube. Your videos should make a statement—sometimes that means using more than just a pretty face—it needs some oomph and pizazz, too. Visual elements and intros capture the attention of your audience with customizable animations and messages.

Not a pro with Adobe After Effects? Don’t worry, this is where we come in. Make these templates your own—try changing the font, adding your own logo, and including messaging that is on par with your brand.

Download this bouncing titles After Effects template.

Download this energetic promo After Effects template.

Download this bold typography After Effects template.

Download this splotches and splatter promo After Effects template.

Download this colorful typography After Effects template.

You can also check our guide for Choosing the Right AE Template.


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Music to Unify Your Message

Great video is about more than a pretty clip or two, on point messaging, and cool visual effects—all of these are important for your ad, YouTube clip, or Facebook promo—but don’t forget to tie it all together with music that fits the mood and tone of your message. Whether you want a track with lyrics that can stand alone, a mellow yet engaging drum loop, or an upbeat techno mix, we’ve got the perfect mixes for complimenting your video masterpieces.


Download this calming track, Deep Thoughts.


Download this lyrical track, Get It Right.


Download upbeat, happy ukulele loop.


Download this melancholy lyrical track, Alone But Free.


Download this catchy techno track, Midnight City.


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Vectors To Create a Strong Visual Identity

Marketing reach doesn’t stop with video for YouTube and Vimeo—you’re going to need to spread the power of your brand across a multitude of other digital channels, brand collateral, and social media, as well as the ever-reliable direct marketing. This is where strong graphics come into play, whether for your website or company mailers. Adobe Illustrator is the lifeblood of many graphic designers—it’s an all-powerful tool perfect for creating and editing vectors—but it always helps to have a place to start.

Use the vector graphics below to create strong visuals for your brand. They’re completely customizable and included in a GraphicStock subscription. Pick and choose elements from these infographics, posters, and compositions, edit the text and colors, and make them your own—just like we did.

MarketingDownload the icons and seamless abstract pattern used in this app design.

MarketingDownload these hipster, retro media icons.


Download the ethnic seamless pattern used to make this email template.


Download the hand drawn wave seamless pattern and icon used in this ad design.

MarketingDownload the logo, image, and vector used in this website design.


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