With countless musical covers of Queen’s beloved hit song “Bohemian Rhapsody” perpetually inundating YouTube, one YouTube creator made a video that took the song in a completely different direction—what if the song’s lyrics were an actual story?

With a stock footage assist from VideoBlocks, the crew over at Corridor Digital took the narrative within the song and brought it to life. Using only the lyrics as the script, the video follows the narrator as he confesses to his mother that he “just killed a man” and ends in a spectacular shootout with the police. Definitely no spoilers here for anyone who’s belted out the song at their nearest karaoke bar, but check out the full video below.



The video quickly went viral, with nearly two and a half million views since its release in early December. But while the video itself boasts great production value and shows off how to use stock footage to really round off a project, it’s worth sticking around until the very end, where he gives a shout-out to VideoBlocks made entirely out of stock footage.

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