An influx of action movie blockbusters are hitting the silver screen this summer and inspiring creators everywhere to get a little action packed into their summer productions, too. And who could blame them? Explosions, gunshots, and rollicking fist fights are thrilling—not to mention they get an audience’s adrenaline pumping. But not everyone has the big time budgets that Hollywood boasts! If you can’t hire top of the line After Effects artists, and if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has his scheduled booked until 2050—we’ve got a better solution for you. Enter alpha channel stock videos.

Alpha channel clips are a simple way to add Hollywood-worthy effects into your action productions. The technique is a simple one: layer the alpha channel clip over your existing footage in your timeline, scale and rotate it as needed, and watch your explosion of choice come to life. It really is that easy.

The possibilities are endless. Gunshots? No accidental wounds necessary—we’ve got alpha channels for that. Explosions? Yup, those too. Rain? Sure! Fire? Definitely. Cigarette smoke? Certainly. (We would never encourage smoking even for the sake of art.) Check out our top alpha channel clips below.

Download this explosion with smoke aftermath alpha channel.

Download this bright orange explosive flame alpha channel.

Download this smoke pattern alpha channel.

Download this alpha channel of side-entry flames.

Download this flames from the center alpha channel.

Download this large smoke cloud alpha channel.

Download this quick spherical explosion alpha channel.

Download this alpha channel of billowing smoke.

Download this alpha channel of slow billowing smoke.

Download this sparking explosion alpha channel.

Download this alpha channel of looping rain.

Download this alpha channel of breaking glass.

Download this alpha channel of looping digital numbers.

Download this looping burning fire alpha channel.

It’s amazing what you can do with the right stock footage. No longer do we live in a world where film production has such high barriers-to-entry. Anyone can create anything they want—and can include explosions and fire in their videos—minus the stunt man.

What do you say? Are you ready to pack your next production with as much action and excitement as possible? Discover what other alpha channel clips we have to offer.


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