Is it 2017 yet? Almost—huzzah!—but first we need to give the oh-so-adored 2016 a proper send off. It’s the one night of the year you can pair gold, glitter, and a Don Draper attitude without crossing the line into tacky-town. Will your New Year’s celebration be as extravagant as your expectations? Maybe. But we’re more concerned with how you’ll capture the night’s festive and let-loose spirit, not how much fun you’ll be having. Actually, we care about that too, which is why we’re here to help.

Though your memories of the evening may be dim as the dawn of 2017 breaks, it doesn’t mean that your New Year’s productions should lose their light. We’ve rounded up our top celebratory stock footage to supplement your New Year’s creations.

Download the After Effects template we used to create this New Year’s video.

Fire in the Sky

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without fireworks? But’s it’s really hard to relive the magic of the evening through those blurry videos everyone posts on their social media every year—as if no one has ever seen a fireworks show before. And you’re above that.

Capturing those epic explosions of light, fire, and pure excitement isn’t the easiest of tasks. How do you adjust your exposure, choose the perfect lens, or pause an evening of fun just to get your gear set up? We have a better idea. Use our already amazing fireworks footage for your New Year’s b-Roll. Trust us—you can even take all the credit—and the quality will reign supreme.

Download this stock footage of awesome, bright yellow fireworks in the bright New Year’s sky.

Download this stock footage of slow motion yellow fireworks that are more impressive than the tuxedo shirt you plan on wearing.

Download this stock footage of yellow, orange, and red fireworks—because one color isn’t enough.

Download this stock footage of red fireworks launching into the sky and then falling back down (shocking).

Download this stock footage of bright and overachieving fireworks display.


Happy Party People

We get it. Sometimes when you see clips of beautiful people smiling and laughing over seemingly nothing, you just want to roll your eyes and move on to the next piece of footage. But there’s a reason you see advertisements and movies with these people over and over—it sells. And who’s to say you aren’t also going to look like one of these incredibly happy folks? It’s New Year’s Eve.

Everyone is going to be holding something flammable and laughing their faces off. Including you. And since you’ll be partaking in the festivities, you may not have time to capture the beautiful moment, so how about you use one of these bad boys, instead?

Download this clip of happy young people walking down the street at midnight holding very flammable sparklers and feeling pretty okay about it.

Download this clip of a too-beautiful and elegant young couple dressed to the nines and feeling extra special from the bubbly.

Download this clip of a group of party people getting lit with their champagne and dubstep while questioning their life decisions.

Download this clip of four young people toasting with bubbly and wondering how they’re going to drink it after confetti falls into their glass.

Download this clip of a really, really ridiculously good-looking group of friends hanging out on the beach and nodding their heads with joy and confusion.


Poppin’ Bottles

When celebrating New Year’s Eve, champagne can hardly be left out of the equation. Whether it’s served in a red, plastic cup or fancy champagne flutes à la James Bond—what’s a proper party without some bubbly?

However, we strongly encourage handling alcohol with extreme caution and responsibility, and therefore also encourage you to use these awesome clips from our library instead of drinking like a fish just to capture the perfect shot. See? We care.

Download this epic slow motion stock footage of an exploding champagne bottle. (Why is the bubbly always gone?)

Download this stock footage of champagne slowly and devilishly being poured into a fancy flute.

Download this slow motion stock footage of poppin’ bottles like it’s 2010.

Download this stock footage of slow motion champagne toasting and looking like a boss.

Download this stock footage of a pretty lady drinking champagne by the fire because she’s so classy she decided to stay in for New Year’s.


Shiny Sparkly Things

Admit it. You’re either wearing something with glitter or know someone who is—and you’ll inevitably end up with a ridiculous amount on you by the end of night. No judgements coming from this direction.

Shiny and sparkly is New Year’s middle name. That’s why you should gild your works of art with these glittery clips. Catch your audience’s attention and dazzle. Added bonus: no residual glitter.

Download this shimmering particle background that could make your opening title look like it’s dancing with joy.

Download this blue space bokeh background that is as out-of-this-world as the dubstep music playing in all the clubs on New Year’s Eve.

Download this twinkling, swiping gold star transition clip to bounce from one epic shot to the next.

Download this shining, shimmering, splendid title intro to really woo your watchers.

Not enough glitter yet? Download this star explosion transition stock footage—it’s as close to throwing glitter in someone’s face as you can get.


Party in a Box

What else feels like a party? Confetti. Balloons. Sparklers. Disco. Happiness. We’ve got those clips, too! But we mostly prefer sparklers, because we’re dangerous.

You see, New Year’s Eve is about more than just champagne and fireworks. There’s an essence to the night. It has a feeling—a certain je ne sais quoi—of newness, change, and anticipation. What will this new year bring? We know one thing for sure: killer video productions, if you stick with us.

Download this slow motion clip of a confetti filled balloon being popped joyously, because why not?

Download this clip of slow motion sparklers raining down the screen.

Download this clip of a slow motion silhouette holding a super-fun sparkler.

Download this clip of two excited young women dancing with sparklers and loving life.

Download this clip of a disco ball at a rave—right where it belongs.

All jokes aside, New Year’s Eve is an incredibly exciting and intoxicating holiday—although it’s tough to capture. You can dance the night away, let go of your inhibitions, and then wake up the next morning to rethink your entire life. It’s a time for possibilities and growth. So take that message of celebration and amp up your video productions. We know you can do it—and we certainly can help.


Get Lit with New Year’s Stock