For much of the northern hemisphere, autumn has arrived in a symphony of color and cooling temperatures. And although the actual climate can vary a lot depending on your latitude—from a balmy 85 degrees to forecasts of snow by Halloween—for many regions it’s the ideal season for taking in all of nature’s splendor and the fall foliage. Of course, depending on where you live, you may not have a front row view—but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our vibrant and colorful stock fall leaves footage.

More than just an opportunity for a little virtual tourism, autumn b-roll is popular in the film, television, and advertising world for it’s eye-catching colors and nostalgic connotations when used in cutaways or establishing shots. Likewise, with fall wedding season in full swing, many videographers rely on stock footage of falling leaves or scenic byways to enhance their videos and add extra production value.

Whatever your needs or project, we’ve rounded up 20 of our highest rated fall foliage clips from both our Member library and Marketplace. So go ahead and indulge in a little leaf peeping.

Purchase this tunnel of trees flyover aerials clip.


Purchase this aerial flight over Maine foliage clip.


Purchase this aerial shot of Colorado Aspen trees.


Download this dogs walking past fiery fall trees on Montreal lake clip.


Download this slow mo fall leaves against a blazing blue sky clip.


Purchase this Mt. Fuji and fall leaves clip.


Download this T/L Bridge over Sylvenstein lake in the Bavarian Alps clip.


Download this slow motion fall leaves fluttering by a tree shot.


Download this autumn aspen grove at sunset with stormy skies clip.


Purchase this aerial view of fall color on leaves clip.


Purchase this aerial trees by a river in fall shot.


Purchase this aerial close up of amazing, colorful trees in bright autumn clip.


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Purchase this Lake Michigan fall foliage shore aerial panning shot.


Purchase this covered bridge over stream bed with leaves blowing aerial footage.


Purchase this white tree trunks of Aspen trees with fall foliage clip.


Purchase this tall trees foliage background.


Download this nature fly and fall leaves shot.


Download this fall trees with sunlight beaming through shot.


Purchase this 4K UHD aerials shot over trees with fall colors in a forest clip.


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