Repeat after us: Ommmm. Ommmm. Whether you’re already enjoying clear blue skies and warm breezes or just daydreaming of beaches, the promise of summer is right around the corner—and just in time to help us all relax!

In just a couple short weeks beach season will be well underway and dreams of relaxing ocean-side will finally become reality. In the meantime, inspire your audience to get their beach zen on by including some of our peaceful, relaxing video clips of beaches around the world. We’ve rounded up 20 of our most popular beach clips that would make anyone want to get surfside.


Sandy Beaches

What’s synonymous with the word “beach?” Why, sand of course! Check out some of our stunning clips of the world’s most beautiful sandy beaches, and get inspired to start planning your beach getaway!

1. Palm Fronds Swaying on a Tropical Beach (Cook Island)

Download this clip of palm fronds swaying at the Cook Islands.

2. White Sandy Beach

Download this clip of an Australian white sand beach.

3. Lounging on the Sand

Download this classic clip of beach-goers lounging under umbrellas on the sand.

4. Lifeguard Equipment on a Hawaiian Beach

Download this clip of a Hawaiian Beach.

5. Sandy Beach Time Lapse

Download this clip of a sandy beach time lapse.


Rocky Beaches

Did you know some of the world’s most famous beaches have no sand?! Spread the word about how beautiful rocky beaches can be with clips from our “rocky beaches” stock reels, or sprinkle in the sound of waves crashing against jagged cliffs for your next project.

6. Crashing Waves on Rocky Beach

Download this clip of waves crashing on a rocky shore.

7. Lighthouse on a Rocky Cliff

Download this clip of a lighthouse overlooking a Kauai cliff.

8. Aerial Footage of Rocky Tide

Download this soaring footage of rocky tide pools as the tide comes in.

9. Sea Turtle on Rocks

Download this clip of a sea turtle resting on shoreline rocks.

10. Coastal Rock Formations

Download this clip of Australia’s rock coast formations.


Salt Life

For most, memories of sunkissed days on the beach are more about the time spent with friends and family then about the natural scenery. Jog your audience’s memory with picture perfect video clips of what summer time at the beach is really like.

11. Friends Enjoying the Beach

Download this clip of friends sitting at the beach together.

12. Yoga on the Beach

Download this clip of a woman doing yoga on the beach.

13. Women Skateboarders Sitting by the Beach

Download this clip of two women skateboarders sitting by the beach.

14. RollerGirl at Beach

Download this clip of a roller skate girl at the beach.

15. Woman Talking on Her Phone at the Beach

Download this clip of a woman talking on her phone at the beach.


Nature on Beaches

It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun seaside activities the beach offers, but the beach is really about relaxation. Immerse yourself and your audience in the natural beauty of the beach, and embrace its healing powers, with these clips of beach wildlife.

16. Penguin Colony, South Africa

Download this clip of penguins on the rocky shore of South Africa.

17. Crab in the Sand

Download this clip of a crab digging and eating in the sand.

18. Kangaroo Lounging on Beach

Download this clip of a kangaroo lounging on Murramarang Beach, Australia.

19. Sunset on Beach

Download this clip of a beautiful sunset on Cannon Beach, Oregon.

20. Grassy Beach at Sunset

Download this clip of grass swaying seaside at sunset.

Is it beach season yet? While we still have a few weeks before summer is officially here, you can whet your audience’s summertime appetite with visually appealing footage from VideoBlocks’ members-only beach footage collection. Join VideoBlocks today to get unlimited access to this collection and so much more!


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