It’s no secret that VR is happening in a big way, but the real question is—What is virtual reality used for? VR headsets were one of the top gifts in 2016, and we saw a huge spike in traffic to our VR and 360° videos immediately after, and even months later, we’re still receiving a lot of traffic to our VR pages.

With every new form of technology, people wonder if it is here to stay, and VR is no different. Many people have a difficult time finding affordable VR footage, and others are unsure about how to use VR in an effective way. We have a lot of VR videos, and we’ve heard of some unique and amazing use cases from both our contributors and our members. From gaming to mental health, VR is full of possibilities. Below are just a few of the ways that virtual reality artists are making their marks.


VR for Mental Health

Typically when we think about technology, we think of the negative impacts that it can have on our health. From the rabbit holes we get sucked into while surfing the web to hours of zoned out gaming, technology has earned itself a bad rep in the minds of many. But Innovators like Human XR and Atmosphaeres have found a way to use VR technology in a way that could help people with mental or physical limitations live healthier lives.
Human XR
Human XR is using VR footage to provide senior citizens with experience that they can no longer have. Imagine the excitement when a bedridden grandmother is able to go on a walk through the forest. Imagine the look on your grandfather’s face when he gets to go back to the city where he proposed to his wife—all through virtual reality. From providing senior citizens with therapeutic experiences to allowing them to relive moments from so long ago, Human XR is using VR for good.
Atmopshphaeres takes a less targeted approach to VR therapy. Based on findings and results from scientific research, Atmosphaeres provides relaxing VR footage that can provide relief from stress and anxiety. We live in a world where there is constant noise, and it can be difficult to find an escape. VR videos of tranquil forests, calm beaches, and other beautiful, natural environments can help us get away in ways that we never could imagine. Take a look at some of Atmosphaeres’ work in our Marketplace.


Fueling Wanderlust

Let VR take you on a spin around the world and help you find your next vacation spot. With the excitement of virtual reality, many tourism companies were concerned that VR would lead to a decrease in tourism dollars rather than an increase. While VR hasn’t been around long enough to figure it out, if photos inspire us to visit new places, then why wouldn’t VR footage? Tourism companies both large and small are using VR to draw visitors into their countries and states. Discover Australia and Idaho with these cool VR videos.


Allowing for New Experiences

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the ability to visit every city they want to see in their lifetime. Whether you have financial or physical limitations, VR can allow you to experience cities, landmarks, and more without leaving your living room. Of course experiencing Niagara Falls or the the Great Barrier Reef in virtual reality won’t be the same as seeing it in person, but for some, VR may be the closest they can get.

Do you have an amazing idea for how to use VR? Share it with us! In the meantime, discover the amazing VR footage available for downloading and purchasing in our library. Take yourself on a journey around the world or try to meditate while surrounded by a virtual forest. The possibilities are endless with this amazing technology.


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