Are you holding out for a hero or just heroic stock media? From the year-round blockbusters of Warner Bros. and Marvel to television’s The Walking Dead and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comic book adaptations are everywhere. But independent creatives don’t need studio backing to bring their origin stories to life—all they need is superlative stock video, graphics, and sound effects.

We’ve teamed up with our sister sites GraphicStock and AudioBlocks to bring you all the stock media necessary to take your next comic book-inspired project from page to screen.

Footage That Tells a Story

Comic book adaptations are an incredibly diverse category of film, with countless storytelling influences from other genres, including gritty noirs, intense thrillers, action-packed science fantasies, and even offbeat comedies. Make sure you use these stock videos and templates to craft a feature that’s as adventurous as it is visually gripping.


video1-min video2-min
video3-min video4-min


Stock Video Assemble!


Graphics That Travel Time and Space

One of the most evocative traits of the superhero genre is its tendency for imaginative, spectacular, and fantastic settings. Telescope into the quantum world between particles or voyage across the stars to beautiful and terrifying galaxies—whichever you choose, set the scene with these out-of-this-world visuals and graphic elements.



science-concept_Gy75zTpu_L-min 123456667-min
vector-comic-book-explosion_fyHsnSIO_L-min mayan-apocalypse_MJMsgtBu-min


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Stock Graphics!


Audio That Inspires Action

Great sound effects and scoring have the power to transport audiences, deepen characters, and build captivating plots—all essential elements to any comic book adaptation. Explore these dramatic explosions, scores, and audio loops for your project or check out more amazing effects in the AudioBlocks library.

Dramatic Chase Scenes

Download tribal drum dramatic chase loop

Fast-paced Montages

Download power electronic synth explosion music

Galactic Explosions

Download distort explosions with swoosh sound effect

Heroic Scores

Download heroic dramatic orchestral music


Stock Audio Powers Activate!