Last night’s Oscars brought us all the glitz and glamour that we’ve come to expect year after year from Hollywood—but it’s not the fashion trends spotted on the red carpet that caught our attention for this week’s stock footage trend. Vintage is in—if it ever really left—and this year’s top Oscar picks echoed this in spades. From the historical backdrops for Hidden Figures and Fences to the nostalgic themes and visual treatments in La La Land and Moonlight, what’s old is definitely new again.

As the Superbowl of the film scene, the Academy Awards—and their glamorous attendees—are held under a microscope (“She wore what?” “Did he really say that?”). There is always the one that was “snubbed” and the one that waltzed away with a few too many martinis. But instead of focusing on the dirt and the discord, we want to join with the Academy in harkening to another, simpler time—even if it only ever really existed in the pictures.

In that spirit, here are a few of our favorite vintage stock footage clips from our Membership Library and Contributor Marketplace.

Purchase this Vintage Home Movie of a Family Dancing

Purchase this Vintage Home Movie of a Woman Running at the Beach

Purchase this Footage of a Man Driving a Vintage Car

Purchase this Vintage Footage of American Soldiers

Purchase this Vintage Home Video Footage of a Family

Purchase this Footage of the NASA Apollo Launch

With these clips and so many more to be found in our curated collection below, you’ve got everything you need for a stock footage stroll down memory lane.


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