Beach season is finally here. Our wintry day-dreams of sun and sand, frozen beverages, and the nostalgic smell of coconut SPF have finally become reality—and you know what that means. From summer romances to seasonal film projects, it’s time to start heating things up. Find inspiration for your next enterprise with our collection of sun-soaked b-roll. To get you started, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below!

Download this b-roll footage of a person jogging on the beach at sunrise

Purchase this b-roll footage of Lanikai Beach in Hawaii

Purchase this b-roll footage of a couple riding bikes at the beach

Purchase this b-roll footage of waves crashing on the beach

Whatever your upcoming project—be it a feature film, marketing campaign, or whatever else your beautiful brain can imagine—get seasonal stock that stands out. Summer’s the perfect time to get outside, but if rainy days, budget constraints, or busy workweeks have you stranded, take a mental vacation with sandy stock footage—at least until Saturday.


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