Video Blocks Reaches 100,000 Clip Milestone is excited to announce that its online media archive now offers over 100,000 hand-selected clips spread across a wide variety of content types, including footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, special effects, After Effects templates and more. “We are dedicated to providing our members with an archive of content that continually grows while maintaining the highest standards of quality,” says Video Blocks Founder and CEO, Joel Holland. “Investing in our library is important, because ultimately our goal … Read more about Video Blocks Reaches 100,000 Clip Milestone

How SoulPancake is Mastering Online Video

If you like to peruse the world of online video like we do, chances are you've been coming across more and more videos by SoulPancake these days. This creative production powerhouse is a side project conceived and developed by Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight Schrute from The Office. Most recently they've created the viral sensation best known as Kid President, which aims to inspire adults through the mind of a child. But what is it that makes these videos so delightfully addicting? How is SoulPancake using the online video to present their … Read more about How SoulPancake is Mastering Online Video

Video Blocks Makes Convention Debuts

Video Blocks is excited to announce that we are making our inaugural debut at TWO high profile conventions this year. Over the next few weeks we'll be gearing up to head to SXSW in Austin, Texas, followed by an exciting trip to Las Vegas for the 2013 NAB Convention. These exciting new opportunities will allow us to interact face-to-face with some of the brightest minds in the video industry! Here's a little bit more about the conferences and where you can find us!   SXSW--Austin, … Read more about Video Blocks Makes Convention Debuts

Independent Hits: The New Road to Oscar Glory

With the Golden Globes behind us and the Academy Awards ahead, we find ourself caught in the flurry that is award show season. While we can argue if these awards really have any cultural significance or if they're just trophies to boost celebrity egos, I think we can agree that this time of year helps those of us in the video industry look a little closer at current trends. For years these award shows have been predictable beasts, but over the past few years we've seen some new tendencies emerge. Specifically, we're talking about the popularity … Read more about Independent Hits: The New Road to Oscar Glory

StoryCorps and the Power of Audio

We'll be the first to admit that we are video centric people. Heck, our name is Video Blocks. Because of that, we often overlook how powerful audio can be, and how momentous it can become when telling a story. Luckily our reintroduction to an amazing nonprofit organization called StoryCorps has helped us get back in touch with the importance of audio and how it can sometimes be the catalyst for extraordinary video. About StoryCorps According to its website, StoryCorps is a private, non profit group whose mission is to provide Americans of … Read more about StoryCorps and the Power of Audio

Best Director Snubs: What it Means for the Oscars and the Industry

Yesterday's Oscar nominations came with very few surprises...except in the category of Best Director. The lack of recognition for some of Hollywood's biggest names proved to be the shot heard around the entertainment industry. Most specifically, people were outraged that Ben Affleck was not included for his work in Argo (though he was awarded a Critics Choice Award later that night in the same category) and female director powerhouse Kathryn Bigelow failed to get nominated for her vision in Zero Dark Thirty. Ironically, both movies mentioned … Read more about Best Director Snubs: What it Means for the Oscars and the Industry

Q&A With The Creators of Epic Slow Mo

Last week we introduced you to the new site that Video Blocks is sponsoring, Epic Slow Mo. Hopefully by now you've had a chance to see some of their stuff and even vote on an episode or two! We sat down with the masterminds behind this project, Zach and Brittney, and asked them all about how Epic Slow Mo came to be and what it's like to shoot everything in slow motion. How did Epic Slow Mo get started?  Video Blocks recently bought its own high speed Phantom camera in order to start producing its own slow motion content. We get so excited … Read more about Q&A With The Creators of Epic Slow Mo

VideoBlocks Sponsors EPIC Slow Motion Footage

VideoBlocks is excited to announce it is sponsoring a new and exciting site called EPIC SLOW MO. is an interactive site that showcases the many uses of a Phantom Miro camera. Based on your votes, the Epic Slow Mo crew will play out creative and unexpected stunts in super slow motion. Over the next week or two we'll get to know the masterminds behind the site and their crazy tricks. We'll also give you a behind the scenes look at how they set up the Phantom for both studio and field shoots. In the end, is sure to … Read more about VideoBlocks Sponsors EPIC Slow Motion Footage