Welcome back to our Stock Footage of the Week series, where we discuss trending content and the latest events. This week we were inspired by two very different trends that are dominating the wide and wonderful world of After Effects templates: impossibly beautiful nature reels and gritty urban glitch templates. We asked ourselves, how can two such different styles be so popular at the same time? What is it about these templates that appeals to such wide audiences?

When we looked at the latest trends in film, the contrast between these two styles comes into sharper focus. Between the palpable nostalgia of La La Land, the harsh realism of Moonlight, and the gritty, time-bending nature of Arrival–just to name a few–it’s clear that the past year has held a special fascination for extremes: the ideal versus the authentic, the dreamy and the nightmarish, the urban and the bucolic.

In that spirit, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite and most popular AE templates to help you stay in vogue.

Download this Parralaxing After Effects Background Template

Download this Digital Chaos After Effects Background Template

Download this 3D Slider Template

Download this Urban Glitch Slideshow Template

Capitalize on the latest trends with these stunning templates and so many more–your audience will thank you.


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