It’s no big secret that the internet runs on cats. Whether you adore our furry feline friends or believe them to be vicious furball demons, cats have become the mascot of the internet. From the halcyon days of “I Can Has Cheeseburger?” in 2007 to the now-ubiquitous “Grumpy Cat” memes, there are over 6 billion cats on the web—and for good reason: Cats are hilarious. There’s just something about a perfectly designed killing machine that happens to also want head scratches. Call it a certain Je ne sias chat.

To help you take full advantage of the miraculous and elusive internet power held exclusively by these fuzz balls, we’ve partnered with our sister sites GraphicStock and AudioBlocks to bring you everything you need to create the next fluffy internet superstar. Whether you’re looking to boost your social presence with viral cat memes, integrate an angry hiss into your sound design project, or get GIF-fy with a hilariously aggressive kitten, we’ve got all the HD stock footage, photos, and sound effects you need.


Feline Footage to Win the Web


1. These little guys plan to form the first-ever syncopated kitten dance squad!

Support their dream by purchasing this stock footage.


2.Talk about a sibling rivalry!

Purchase this adorable footage of two kittens honing those ferocious hunting instincts.


3. Speaking of hunting instincts…

Don’t forget to download this slow-mo footage that truly exhibits the terrifying power of the feline.


4. You can definitely expect a hairball in your shoe later.

…But in the meantime purchase this footage of a cat who is just not getting in the holiday spirit. Bah humbug!


5. Whoever said black cats were evil never caught a glimpse of this inky fluff-ball. Look at his fuzzy little feet!

Purchase the footage of this playful pouncer.


Find More Feline Friends



Furry Photos for Facebook


1. Allergy season got us like…

HD Stock FootageDownload this photo of a sniffly feline in a flower basket.


2. Never let someone else tell you who and what you are.

HD Stock FootageDownload this photo of a lioness in disguise.


3. Too…much…crawfish…

HD Stock FootageDownload this photo of a very full kitten.


4. Straight Chillin’

HD Stock FootageDownload this cool cat’s photo.


5. Wax on, wax off

HD Stock Footage

Download this future Karate legend’s photo.


More Pets, Please!


Purrfect Sound Effects


1. I am kitty hear me roar


Download this angry cat meow—then get out of dodge.


2. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty


Download the sound of utter contentment.


3. And now for some percussion


Download the pitter pat of little kitten feet.


4. That’s never a good sign…


Download this warning hiss from a frustrated feline.


Download More Catty SFX