Social media has redefined video. One quick scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll quickly realize how important video is to influencer marketing. Similarly, video advertising on Facebook is an essential way to capture the attention of new audiences and make sure your brand or product gets seen. Of course, not everyone has an in-house creative team with the budget to shoot original video for every ad. That’s why big-time advertisers and jack-of-all-trades creatives alike depend on HD stock footage for resources they need to complete their projects.

Advertising on social media provides a wonderful way to communicate directly with your customers—and a smart ad can start a conversation that drives sales. Customers will remember your bookstore sale, travel agency, or new makeup brand when you pair the right footage with your product or event. If your restaurant is throwing a beach blowout barbecue, tell the community about your event with a great bonfire or ocean clip. If your spa is running a special on massages, let your followers share a blissed out post including a relaxing waterfall. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

To help you go viral, we’ve put together a few of our most downloaded video clips for social media. Check out our top 20 clips below and find the perfect footage for your advertising campaign.


1. Sunset Through Some Flowers

Download this Sunset footage


2. Multimedia Wall

Download this Multimedia footage


3. Aerial Shot of New York Skyline

Download this New York City footage


4. Inside Shot of a Waterfall at Sunset

Download this Waterfall footage


5. Fast Clock Time

Download this Fast Clock footage


6. Sunset at Sea of Galilee

Download this Sunset at Sea footage


7. Moving Crowd Silhouettes

Download this Moving Crowd footage


8. Rolling Grass Hills in Copenhagen, Denmark

Download this Rolling Grass Hills footage


9. Alpha Channel Flames and Fire

Download this Channel Flames footage


10. Slow Mo Autumn Leaves Floating to the Ground

Download this Autumn Leaves footage


11. Slow Motion Champagne Bottle Pop

Download this Champagne Bottle footage


12. Close-up of Running Mans Feet in Slow Motion

Download this Running Man footage


13. Snowy Mountains

Download this Snowy Mountains footage


14. Time Lapse Colorful Road Rush

Download this Colorful Road Rush footage


15. Sunlight Illuminates Grass in Forest

Download this Grass in Forest footage/a>


16. Red Studio Background

Download this Red Studio footage


17. Tall Green Canyons and Valleys

Download this Canyon footage


18. Charging Television Screens

Download this Television Screens footage!


19. Gliding Shot of Busy Nurses and Hospital Shot

Download this Busy Nurses footage


20. Diagonal Stripes Transition Blue and Silver

Download this Diagonal Stripes footage

How many likes can your next ad generate? Use these videos or discover more stock footage in our royalty-free libraries to use in your next video post to find out!


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