For those of us in the northern latitudes, March can feel interminable as our enjoyment of winter wanes. Hot cocoa by the fire has long lost its nostalgic appeal and even the snow banks seem tired. What wouldn’t we give for a warm spring day to run and play in some mood-boosting sunshine! But we don’t need to wait for spring to get out and get fit—there couldn’t be a better time to use our winter sports HD stock footage to inspire audiences to fight their cabin fever.


The Power of Visualization

We all know the itchy, jittery boredom that comes with late winter. Did you know the best way to fight the negative effects of cabin fever is to interact with nature? Basically, just go outside and play. And nothing motivates us to get moving like seeing other people loving the great outdoors. Science tells us that even just watching a short video of an outdoor sporting activity will leave audiences feeling happier and more inspired to prioritize fitness in their own lives. Our Membership Library has tons of great clips of wintertime fun to help inspire viewers to make the most of the last vestiges of winter.

1. Remind your viewers to take advantage of the next fresh snowfall and enjoy a cross-country ski among the trees with clips like this one.

Purchase this clip of cross country skiing.


2. Who wouldn’t want to lace up some skates after watching this heartwarming clip of nostalgic winter joy?

Purchase this vintage clip of ice skating.


3. Our stock footage includes clips shot from many viewpoints—like this attention-grabbing perspective of ice-skating on the pond.

Purchase this clip of someone ice skating on a pond.


4. Don’t forget to inspire the whole family to get out and explore together before sledding weather melts into summer. Clips like this one will make everyone want to find the nearest snowy hill.

Download this clip of a mother and daughter sledding down a hill.


5. Even just a day hike through the woods will re-inspire your audience to enjoy winter’s last gasp!

Download this clip of a hiking through a snowy forest.


6. Remind your viewers the beauty and solace there is in winter time nature walks.

Download this montage of these people hiking in a snowy landscape.


7. Encourage fishers to take advantage of the last few weeks’ of ice fishing with this great clip from a snowy reservoir.

Purchase this clip of ice fishers on a snowy reservoir.


8. Or reach out the child inside all of us with some good old fashioned snow day fun—

Purchase this clip of family fun in the snow.


9. Like snow angels—

Download this clip of a young woman making snow angels.


10. And snow families—or snow slides!

Purchase this clip of a family sliding on a snow slide.


11. Snow time fun isn’t just for kids—remind your audience that nothing beats a winter wonderland for romancing!

Purchase this clip of a couple playing in the snow.


12. Don’t forget to get one last pick-up game of hockey on the pond in before the ice melts—you can inspire your audience with down-home clips like this:

Purchase this clip of an impromptu game of ice hockey.


13. And all too soon it will be time to park the snow mobiles until next year.

Purchase this clip of aerial footage of a snow mobile.


Fighting Cabin Fever

Using videos of wintertime sports can boost your audience’s mood and activity levels by harnessing the power of visualization. Leverage those late winter doldrums with all of our studio-quality stock footage to get audiences loving winter again.
So what are you waiting for? Start browsing your favorite fitness footage clips and feel the mood-boosting power of visualization.


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