Our lives may not look like the Jetsons or Back to the Future, but we are entering a new era for art and tech. Evolving technologies are changing the way our community creates and connects, pushing us beyond the limits of the analog years to a time when the average person can afford incredibly advanced creative tools. That’s what inspired us to launch our new Future of Creativity collections— stock footage, images, and music that reflect the changing landscape of digital media.

We recently surveyed 3830 creatives from all over world to find out what mediums and types of projects are leading the way in digital storytelling.The data showed a remarkable shift away from traditional formats in the direction of more engaging social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram (50%). Almost twice as many creators now produce content for YouTube and Vimeo (62%) as compared to TV and film (37%).

Take a look at the rest of the top findings from our study:


What mediums are today’s creatives using the most?

– 63% YouTube and Vimeo
– 50% Facebook and Instagram
– 38% Blogging platforms
– 37% Film and television


What types of digital media projects do they make?

– 60% Online videos
– 56% Website design
– 49% Digital advertising
– 47% Interactive presentations

On top of the survey, we analyzed millions of searches on our sites to identify emerging styles among today’s creatives. Two distinct patterns became clear when related search terms were clustered together. We’re calling them “Futurist” (+401%) and “Immersive” (+287%).

Futurist relates to search terms like “technology” and “time lapse,” while Immersive ties to content categories that help bring viewers into the project, like “4K” and “POV.” Here’s a sampling of the stock footage we curated to fit these styles:



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