There has been a lot of buzz lately about a new video editing system that lives completely in the clouds. It is called WeVideo, and the concept is drawing a lot of praise from the online community. We decided to check out the program ourselves to see what it has to offer and, more importantly, what it could offer you!

About WeVideo

WeVideo is a company based in California, yet owned by a larger organization in Norway called Inspera. Right off the bat, you can tell that these guys probably have a lot of experience working globally on shared projects! They used Inspera’s experience in educational video editing to launch this new product that aims to please everyone from parent trying to share home movies to large corporations looking to compile video presentations for top tier clients. Here’s a look at their demo reel:


How it Works

WeVideo starts out free. Yeah, free! You get one gig of space in the cloud to do all of your video editing. They have a web based video editing interface that has many of the same features of prosumer editing software like Premiere Elements or Pinnacle Studio. For additional costs you can add more memory, invite more people to the project and have more features overall. So, depending on how you’re trying to use the product, you can customize it to fit your needs.

Social Media

WeVideo has incorporated many social media features which makes it easy to share your work. They partnered up with YouTube so you can seamlessly edit and post your project. They also incorporated buttons for Facebook and Twitter so your final video can reach your friends and followers a whole lot faster!

Is WeVideo For You?

WeVideo has something for everyone. Especially with the free price point, why not sign up to have a GB of video storage in thier cloud? Not to mention, they are giving you access to free production music and sound effects, too. This really is a universal product that could revolutionize the way we view videos online. No matter what your budget, now everyone has access to video editing equipment!

Want to jump on the WeVideo bandwagon, but don’t have any stock footage to get you started? Download this free stock footage clip and let the creativity flow!

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