No, this isn’t a special effects scene from a James Bond movie—these guys actually flew side-by-side on jetpacks with the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

Former fighter pilot Yves Rossy and his comrade Vince Reffet took to the skies over Dubai in a stunt to promote Emirates Airline. This genius marketing move resulted in a heart-pounding 4K video worthy of the big screen. The two “jetmen” are tiny compared to the 238 feet long Airbus, yet they manage to fly in perfect formation 4,000 feet above the skyline.

A team of videographers filmed the flight from a second, smaller plane. The meticulously-choreographed shoot required a plan for every sequence to avoid any potentially disastrous accidents. The crew produced a behind-the-scenes video to show just how intense the making of the stunt really was (below). You can see more of Rossy’s crazy jetpack shenanigans on his website.

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