Exciting news today, Video Blocks lovers! Thanks to your suggestions, Video Blocks rolled out some new updates this weekend, including the option to download more than just one file type! This latest development is aimed to help our users customize their experience based on their media needs. Here’s a look at the new format offered and a quick look at deciding which is right for you!

VideoBlocks Download Formats

When you go to download a new clip on Video Blocks, you’ll now notice that there are two download buttons. The first one is for an MP4 file and the second is for a Photo JPEG file. In the past, you only had the Photo JPEG option. Both clips are still in an HD resolution (1920×1080) and are set at 29.97 frames per second. The difference comes with the compression of the file. The Photo JPEG compresses the file less, resulting in a crisper overall image. The MP4 H.264 compresses the file, but also provides a smaller file size. The positives and negatives of these two file types are entirely dependent on the type of project you’re putting together.

In this sample clip, you can clearly see how the MP4 compression greatly reduces the file size of the clip.

Picking the Right Download Format

The right download format is an entirely individual choice based on multiple variables. In the past, Video Blocks had only offered the Photo JPEG option because it provided the highest quality product that could be used in any level of production. If you’re using the clips for professional or broadcast purposes, we suggest using the Photo JPEG clip. Also, if you plan on manipulating the clip at all (color correction or adding any other special effect), Photo JPEG will also be your best bet since you’ll start with a larger file with more data in it. If you’re just looking to casually add a video clip to a school project, a worship service or other personal project, chances are that the MP4 download will suite your needs just fine. Your download time will be significantly faster (great for our users that have slow Internet connections) and you won’t notice too much quality loss in a casual setting.

Do these new download formats help you out? Do you like the new layout of the pages? Let us know! We love hearing your opinions right here on our blog and on our Video Blocks Facebook wall, too!

And while you’re here, be sure to download a free stock footage clip! These are Photo JPEG .mov files, but maybe we’ll start offering some new download options someday, too! Click the button below to download your free stock footage clip from Video Blocks!

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