Today’s blog post is all about fun and innovation in the form of iPhone and iPad video apps. If you haven’t checked out Action Movie FX yet, you’re in for a real video treat! This free app, named Apple’s iTunes Best App of 2012, allows you to create hilarious hollywood action movies from your phone or tablet. It’s awesome and it’s sure to put a smile on your face!


About Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX was conceived and executed by a company called Bad Robot Interactive. If you’ve ever watched any of J.J. Abram’s work, you’re definitely familiar with this company. You basically use your iPhone or iPad camera (or any Android product, too) to capture video and then use their in house tools to add fun special effects, just like you’d see in a hollywood blockbuster movie.


What Makes it Special

The highlight of this app is definitely its ease of use. You don’t really need to know anything about video to make a fun and funny clip with your friends or coworkers. They’ve also partnered up with the people over at Call of Duty Black Ops II to make the special effects mainstream and recognizable. It’s definitely one of the most advanced apps of its type and is revolutionary in terms of fun video creation.


Here’s A Look…

We’re all video nerds here at Video Blocks, so we’ve definitely had some fun with this app. Here’s a quick clip of us causing some mayhem with our CEO, Joel.

Have you used this app?

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