The biggest movie news of the day seems to be Disney and Pixar’s announcement that Finding Dory, the long awaited Finding Nemo sequel, has been officially slated to release in November of 2015. The push for the film was greatly spearheaded by Ellen Degeneres, the voice of Dory. There’s no debating that her comedic character voice acting was one of the highlights of recent Pixar casting. That got us thinking…what are the very top animated movie voice over performances of all time? Here’s what we narrowed it down to:


10. Anika Noni Rose, Tiana in The Princess and the Frog 

It’s no short order to play the first ever African American Disney princess, but Anika Noni Rose rose to the occasion! Her elegant dialect and out of this world singing landed her on our list.

World Premiere of "The Princess And The Frog"


9. Nathan Lane, Timon in The Lion King 

In a classic performance, Nathan Lane transforms an African Meerkat into a lovable character.



8. Jack Black, Po in Kung Fu Panda 

Sometimes it is hard to separate Jack Black from his characters, but there is no doubt that Po is his perfect animated fit. Black’s voice adds the perfect amount of silliness and sincerity to this animated hit.



7. Tom Hanks, Woody in Toy Story 

Woody is a dynamic character that struggles with jealousy and insecurity while still being the leader of the pack. Tom Hanks plays to these personality traits beautifully in all three Toy Story movies.



6. Billy Crystal, Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc. 

Billy Crystal certainly helps turn the one eyed wonder, Mike Wazowski, into a comedian…but he also does a great job adding vocal insecurities and character depth to the film. Overall, a great voice and character match up.



5. Eddie Murphy, Donkey in Shrek 

As silly and wacky as he is, we cannot imagine Donkey without Eddie Murphy’s voice.



4. Angela Lansbury, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast 

You need a delightfully poised woman to play a delightfully poised pott, and Angela Lansbury fit the part perfectly. Angela Lansbury’s vocals in the title song may be one of Disney’s most recognizable audio clips, putting her down in movie magic history.



3. Ellen Degeneres, Dory in Finding Nemo 

She’s the inspiration behind this post, and therefore she lands a spot in the top 3! Ellen Degeneres gave as much to the character Dory as Dory gave to her. The voice over role helped get Ellen back on the map, which led to her hit talk show that has been on for 10 years! We can’t wait to see and hear Dory yet again in 2015.



2. John Ratzenberger, Every Pixar Movie Ever

He’s the man behind many of our beloved Pixar characters (and a few less beloved…but he’s still there!) John Razenberger has proven to be Pixar’s lucky charm after he was first cast as Hamm in Toy Story. Since then he’s voiced a character in every  Pixar movie.

John Ratzenberger


1. Jeremy Irons, Scar in The Lion King 

You can’t get through a list about animated movies without mention of The Lion King. It takes a a lot of finesse to turn one of Shakespeare’s greatest works into an animated classic about animals, but Disney did it! The voice of Scar, Jeremy Irons, makes this film more than just a children’s story.




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